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Wednesday's Child — Jacob: 'I believe there is good in others'

By Ashley Kewish  |  Posted Aug 21st, 2017 @ 3:20pm



MURRAY — If you're looking for a place to build, then the Lego Store at Fashion Place Mall is the place to be.

On Wednesday, Jacob, 14, had the entire store all to himself and the chance to tell a story all about him — his story.

"For me, I like being creative because there is no such thing as normal for me," Jacob said. "That is what I believe."

Yes, he'll tell you about his desire to create and his hope of one day becoming an artist, but there are some questions that stop him in his tracks.

"I really don't know how to answer questions about foster care," he said.

Jacob doesn't have a family anymore.

"I really don't know why," he said.

For Jacob, talking about living in a foster home is more about numbers than feelings.

"I believe I've been in three foster homes," he said.

He desperately wants to be like other kids.

"It sounds kind of like a nerdy thing to say, but it's also kind of worth it," he said.

Jacob wants to have a family.

"Family means you have a good place," he said, "you have honesty and they actually take care of you."

He believes all of this is possible if he waits just a little longer.

"I believe there is good in others," he said.

To learn more about Jacob or the many other children living in the Utah Foster Care system, contact The Utah Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0004

Ashley Kewish
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