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5 foods that could be killing your testosterone

By Salt Lake Regional Medical Center  |  Posted Jun 15th, 2017 @ 9:00pm



If you're reading this, chances are you have at some point wondered either how to increase testosterone levels or how to best prevent a drop in testosterone. Testosterone levels help men feel great in many ways, so it's natural to want to ensure you aren't doing anything to decrease those levels. Some common side effects of low testosterone levels in men are low libido, gaining fat, losing muscle mass, moodiness and many others.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels can be directly affected by foods we eat. Here are five foods that are killing your testosterone:


Avoiding sugar in all foods is difficult, but cutting out massive sugar bombs like soda should be considered necessary to maintain testosterone. In a study by Oxford University, 75 men were given 75 grams of sugar and their testosterone dropped by an average of 25 percent. Considering a can of Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar, it's easy to see how consuming 75 grams or more in a day could be achieved. Consider cutting down by skipping out on the office doughnuts and by replacing your lunch soda with water.


Ironically, the same endorphins released while drinking alcohol that make you feel good are the same chemicals that directly decrease your testosterone. In addition, alcoholic drinks are often high in calories that can cause you to gain fat weight, and that also leads to a decrease in testosterone. Consider replacing your evening drink with a cool glass of water instead. You may just save your health and your waistline while you're at it.


This one has some conflicting research behind it. Soy has been linked to produce a chemical called Equol in your gut that can shut down production of testosterone. On the other hand, some studies have shown no strong correlation. If testosterone levels are your top priority, it's probably best to avoid soy until more is known about the link between low testosterone and soy. If soy milk is your thing, try switching to almond milk instead.

Trans fats

This one can be especially tough to resist, but pastries and other baked goods can still contain high amounts of trans fats that have been proven to lower testosterone levels — not to mention adding to your waistline, which can also lower testosterone.


If derived from cow's milk, cheese can be full of natural and synthetic hormones that can interfere with your body's natural production of hormones like testosterone. Maybe skip the cheese plate at your next party and focus on choking down a few veggies.

Changing your eating habits can do a lot in helping you feel better, but if you feel fatigued and have a low sex drive, it is worth talking to a doctor. See a specialist at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center to help.

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