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Golfer finds late Easter surprise in golf bag; Raptors get trolled with ‘Barney’

By Carter Williams  |  Posted Apr 21st, 2017 @ 11:02am


SALT LAKE CITY — Three more stories from the world of sports in today’s From Left Field.

1. Easter bunny plays trick on golfer

Everyone who loves chocolate knows never to leave it out in the sun. Or in the case of Charley Hoffman, never put chocolate in your golf bag.

In the opening round of the Texas Open, an event where Hoffman is the defending champion, he reached into his bag and immediately noticed something wrong. Hilarity ensued, especially as his wife, Stacey, blamed the surprise on the Easter Bunny.

Hoffman wound up shooting a one-under 71, tying him for 55th on the day. It was about as bittersweet as finding a mostly melted Reese’s in a golf bag.

2. Bucks troll Raptors by playing ‘Barney’ theme during intros, and it works

Thursday night was rough for the Toronto Raptors as they were brutally trounced in Game 3 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs, 104-77. And the Milwaukee Bucks were savage even before the opening tip.

As the Raptors’ lineup was being introduced, the Bucks decided to roll with the theme song to “Barney,” the lovable and definitely not intimidating dinosaur.

The song appeared to work as the Raptors ended up not being intimidating at all. Not only did they lose by 27 points, they only scored 12 points in the first quarter and 30 in the first half. The Bucks now lead that series 2-1.

3. Grizzlies coach won’t be baited into duplicating answer

On Monday, Memphis Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale gave a rant for the ages about NBA officiating. That came after the Grizzlies fell behind San Antonio 2-0 in the first round of the postseason.

The rant ended with the line, “take that for data!” That became the rally cry of the Grizzlies, which went on to win Game 3 Thursday night.

Afterward, a reporter asked a similar question to one that sparked the rant that led to the league fining Fizdale $30,000. His answer was golden:

Take that for the perfect answer!

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