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Ben Schroeder, KSL TV

KSL Golf goes to Davis Park

By Rod Zundel  |  Posted Apr 17th, 2017 @ 12:00am



KAYSVILLE — Welcome to KSL Golfer; we’re at Davis Park this week.

Last week, we introduced K.J. Barbadillo to the orange whip. It claims to improve your tempo, strengthen your swing so you can hit it longer.

We tested K.J. on the Trac Man at Uinta Golf, and she had a swing speed of 82 miles per hour. Her driver went 202 yards.

She’s been practicing with the orange whip all week; how did it affect her?

Next week, we’ll take K.J. back to Uinta Golf and test our her swing on the Trac Man to see if the orange whip did what it claimed to do.

Click the video above for the full episode of KSL Golf.

Rod Zundel
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