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Tanner Siegworth, KSL TV

Residents along Ogden River keeping a watchful eye on water levels

By Sean Moody  |  Posted Mar 5th, 2017 @ 11:13pm

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OGDEN CANYON — As winter weather moved into Utah Sunday, people living in the northern part of the state were still dealing with high water. Those living along the banks of the Ogden River, in particular, were keeping a wary eye on the water.

Keith Rounkles runs The Oaks, a family-style restaurant situated along the banks of the river in Ogden Canyon, and has seen a lot of seasons come and go.

"People get all nervous, but the people who live along the water are accustomed to where it's at right now," Rounkles said.

The river has been running at high levels lately, as officials at Pineview Reservoir conduct a controlled release to make room for more snowmelt. It's made for a pretty impressive scene as the water rushes past.

Keith Rounkles. who runs The Oaks restaurant in Ogden Canyon, points to the high water level of the Ogden River running near his property. (Photo: Tanner Siegworth, KSL TV)

"There's a lot of snow up there, so it's coming," Rouncles said, eying the river.

Weber County Emergency Management officials don't expect any trouble from the Ogden River, but Rounkles isn't taking chances. He's got sandbags stacked around his restaurant in the areas where he's most concerned flooding could occur.

"We're OK," Rounkles said. "But if the numbers start getting over where we're at right now — we're at bank-full — then we'll be in trouble."

Rounkles isn't the only one taking precautions. There were a few homes on low-lying land that also had their sandbags out Sunday.

Officials at the National Weather Service don't expect the river to get any higher over the next few days. And as long as everything doesn't melt at once, residents along the river will be happy.



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