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Ogden restaurant employees open-carry handguns

By Michael Anderson  |  Posted Mar 14th, 2016 @ 9:38pm

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OGDEN — Tony and Monika Siebers run their downtown eatery, the Sea Bears Fish House, with a mix of Scottish tradition and American patriotism. There are symbols of both worn around the waist of each employee at this family-owned business.

"It opens up conversations with customers about whatever, whichever topic that they want to discuss," Tony Siebers said. "Whenever customers come in we either get when they say 'Can I ask you a question,' we know it's either about the kilt or the firearms."

The Siebers say they hadn't intended to make such an outward display of their support for the Second Amendment — at least not at first.

"We started looking at getting our concealed permit," Monika Siebers explained. "And carrying and being armed because we were worried about losing our right."

As they were taking courses for their concealed-carry permits, Monika Siebers started wearing her sidearm at work.

"We were surprised with all the comments we had," Tony Siebers said.

"With the feedback we got from customers, we decided we're going to continue to do that," Monika added. "It brings up the conversation of, 'Why do you carry?' and 'What's so important about it?'"

Now, the two co-owners open-carry every day, as do their 22-year-old twin sons. They all also hold concealed-carry permits, but they say they continue to openly wear their firearms in the restaurant, to support the Second Amendment, and for safety reasons. Still, Tony Siebers says he feels pretty safe in Ogden. The guns are there just in case.

"When law-abiding citizens carry, it protects all of us," Tony Siebers said.

"I think part of what we love about what we do and the country we live in is that we have the freedom to choose what we want to do," Monika Siebers added.


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