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Beyond the Badge is made possible by the Utah Local Governments Trust

KSL's Beyond the Badge recognizes the good work that Utah's public safety officers do every day to make each of our lives better. Listen to Utah's Morning News every weekday as Amanda Dickson highlights the everyday heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Featured officers come from state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies and must be POST certified. Officers are nominated by their respective police chiefs, sheriffs and supervisors, and the general public. Those featured are selected by a committee composed of representatives from KSL, the Department of Public Safety and Utah Local Governments Trust.

KSL has also partnered with the Utah Lieutenant Governor to help execute the program.

Spotlighted Officers

Officer Jeff Dingman, South Ogden

Apr 23rd - 3:06pm

Officer Dingman was on vacation in Hawaii when an elderly female on his Pearl Harbor tour collapsed. OFficer Dingman performed CPR on the female until EMS could arrive.

Deputy Justin Mortensen, Utah County

Apr 16th - 4:06pm

"My entire thought process was (to) get this guy stopped any way I can," Utah County sheriff's deputy Justin Mortensen said Thursday, adding he had been told the suspect was likely armed.

Officer Sioape Lautaha, Cottonwood Heights

Apr 5th - 2:49pm

When a snow plow covered 80-year-old Marian Haws's driveway with snow, she could only think to call 911. That's when officer Lautaha arrived on scene, and cleared the snow himself.

Officer Cody Painter, Grantsville

Apr 2nd - 1:57pm

After responding to a 911 emergency, Officer Painter stayed in close contact with the family, and even brought them dinner in the hospital.

Officer Chad Leetham, South Salt Lake

Mar 26th - 10:27am

Officer Chad Leetham leads by example as he inspires students to work together to make their community a better place.

Detective Damian Openshaw, Cache County

Mar 19th - 1:32pm

This recent Christmas Detective Openshaw came across a family that was going to be without gifts. He and his family worked extra hard to provide Christmas for themselves and the family in need.

Sergeant Aaron Thompson

Mar 12th - 9:26am

Because of the heroic actions of Sergeant Aaron Thompson, a little boy's life was saved after he fell through the ice at a pond.

Officer Mike Kiesel, West Jordan

Mar 5th - 10:35am

Using his own money, Officer Kiesel purchased several skateboard decks and has been giving them out to children in need.

Officer Kevin Salmon and Officer Joey Incardine, Cottonwood Heights

Feb 26th - 1:32pm

After seeing a homeless woman suffering from the cold, Officers Incardine and Salmon paid for her to stay in a hotel with their own money.

Trooper Cam Fawson, Highway Patrol

Feb 15th - 10:15am

Trooper Fawson surprised Kat Wilson by giving her a guitar and amp.

Officer Crosby, Lehi

Feb 12th - 5:13pm

After a child's bike was vandalized, Officer Crosby rallied multiple Officers to raise money to replace it.

State Trooper Charity Thomas, Highway Patrol

Feb 5th - 3:22pm

After responding to a hit and run, Trooper Charity Thomas used an imprint of the license plate on the victim's car to identify the guilty party.

Shay Ballard, Sandy City

Jan 29th - 9:00am

"We had a special needs student climb up onto a beam that is 10-15 feet into the air in our lunchroom."

Officer Mark Sempsrott, North Ogden

Jan 22nd - 10:34am

After police were unable to find a stolen bike, Officer Sempsrott purchased the child a new one.

Chief Tracy Wyant, Taylorsville

Jan 15th - 10:48am

He not only helped a woman escape her car after a terrible car accident, but returned for her dog and helped nurse him back to health.

Sergeant Aaron Johnson, West Jordan

Jan 8th - 6:00am

Sergeant Johnson takes his duty beyond the State Prison, by helping under privileged kids learn to play football.

Nate Rackham, Brigham City PD

Jan 1st - 7:00am

Officer Rackham booked a room for one night and paid for it with his own money.

Merry Christmas To Those Who Serve

Dec 25th - 6:00am

This week on Beyond the Badge we want to thank families of all our officers who keep us safe during the holidays.

Kristian Johnson, Logan

Dec 18th - 9:00am

Officer Johnson gained national attention, when a body camera video went viral of him singing a song to an elderly woman.

Shane Nebeker, Utah Highway Patrol

Dec 11th - 9:00am

Officer Nebeker literally went the extra mile to help an elderly woman from Iday who was stranded on I-15 when she ran out of gas.

Officer Vernon Herrst, Gunnison

Dec 4th - 9:00am

Officer Herrst was nominated by a current inmate in the Utah State Prison.

Austin Brewer and Thomas Talbert, Moab City PD

Nov 27th - 10:00am

Officer Thomas Talbert and Deputy Austin Brewer are being recognized for their courageous actions in subduing a gunman at the Rio Bar.

Tyler Tracy, SLC PD

Nov 20th - 10:00am

Tyler was nominated because of a citizen's Facebook post who thanked him for protecting the public during a standoff.