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The Mom Show with Lindsay Aerts airs each Sunday from 12-1 PM on KSL Newsradio! Join us for an hour dedicated to helping moms feel understood! We'll be tackling fun issues like embarrassing things your kids say in public and how to wrangle a THREE-nager. But we'll also cover important issues like postpartum mood disorders, family relationships and the joys and stresses of being a parent. We hope you'll join us each week for this one-hour journey through all things mom stuff!

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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Aerts is the host of The Mom Show and is mother to precious Lucy Jane.

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As heard on the show

How do you find joy in the throws of motherhood?

This week we discussed this blog post about how to find joy when you're in the throws of motherhood.

Disney 'princess culture' may not be great for little girls

This BYU study reveals what the Disney "princess culture" teaches little girls.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

A post from Humans of New York this week describes a father dropping his daughter off at college. He shares how he wishes he hadn't sweated the small stuff in parenting. How do you not sweat the small stuff?

Chewbacca Mom: The Laugh Heard Round the World

This week's episode discusses how Chewbacca Mom's video can inspire us to have more joy in parenting. Re-watch it here for another great laugh.

A Child Development Expert Says Parents Should Never Punish Their Kids. Really?

Do you punish your kids? One child development expert says that doesn't work. Click here to find out what does.

The Emily Effect

Eric Dyches, the husband of Emily who lost her life to a postpartum mood disorder, spoke to The Mom Show this week about their foundation, The Emily Effect. Click here to learn more.

Resources for Moms with PPD: The Healing Group

For any mothers looking for healing from postpartum mood disorders, The Healing Group in Midvale has resources that can help.

Swaddling Increases Risk for SIDS: About that Study...

A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics this week warning parents that swaddling increases the risk for SIDS might not be as scary as headlines suggest.

If Toddlers Could Put their Feelings Into Words: Pacifiers

What if Toddlers could tell us how they really felt about giving up their pacifiers? Check out this video from The Break Womb explaining that very concept.

What Moms Can Learn From Dads in Parenting

Dr. Julie Hanks says women are often taught from a young age that it is their role to be the primary parent to their child. But there are a few things that women can learn from men about parenting.

Carry the Future Delivers Baby Carriers to Refugee Moms

The organization Carry the Future is collecting baby carriers for refugee moms. Click to find all the information, drop off locations, and other ways you can help.

Delayed Cord Clamping May Have Benefits Years Later

Delayed cord Clamping, an option for mothers at the time of birth, has recently been studied and is suggested to have behavioral benefits for children later in life.

Claire Ryan Sings Gethsemane

Watch an adorable 3-year old sing Gethsemane.

Newborn Safe Haven Law

Want to know more about the Newborn Safe Haven Law? Click here!

Tell Us What You Think

Do you feel like as a mother you have to give up your dreams in order to help your kids realize theirs? Can your dreams and your kids dreams be mutually exclusive or can you not have one without sacrificing the other?

Kin-Keeping: The Invisible Burden Leaving Moms Drained

Feeling drained but can't figure out why? Maybe it's all the kin-keeping you're doing as a mother. Find out what kin-keeping is and and how to relieve this invisible motherhood burden.

Powerful Message from Children

Click to see the fun video we talked about on the show that is a "powerful message from children."

Dad Contemplating Tattooing Twin, Medical Reasons

Click to find out why one dad is considering tattooing his twin in order to tell them apart. The reason might surprise you.

A Dad's Apology to his Daughter

See the moving apology from a dad to his daughter in an Indian laundry detergent commercial. He apologizes to her for not showing her, through HIS example, how to "share the load."

Jessica Simpson Taking Heat for Photo of Daughter

Actress/Singer Jessica Simpson posts a sassy picture of her 3-year old with a milkshake and is now taking some heat for it on the internet because of the caption. Tell us your thoughts on this at

Intuitive Healing with Lindsay Maxfield

Is there a way to not snap at your kids? How do we deal with the mom guilt that follows? Intuitive Healer Lindsay Maxfield says there is a way!

Immunization Questions Answered

Do vaccines cause Autism? Why is it important to get them? What happens if children aren't immunized? We tackle your immunization questions with the Head of Infectious Disease at St. Mark's Hospital, Dr. Mark Oliver.

Adoption Resources

If you're interested in any of the adoption information heard on February 14th's episode with Christine Anderson, click the link.

Hospitals in Boston Moving Away from Nurseries

The conventional hospital nursery is being phased out for routine use at hospitals in Boston and many other cities. What do you think of this movement. Tell us what you think at

Join the REAL Motherhood Challenge

This week Lindsay talks about starting the #RealmotherhoodChallenge. Post 3 photos showing why your proud to be a mother that are more consistent with the real life version of what you've dealt with in motherhood. Join the conversation at

Meet This Week's Dad Panel

This week we chatted with Rusty Keys, afternoon host of FM100.3 and Dr. Sean Edmuns, MD an OB/GYN at St. Mark's Hospital about how they communicate with their spouse about the demands of parenthood. Click to find out more about Dr Edmuns!

Healing 'Aspirational Shame'

Dr. Julie Hanks, LCSW with Wasatch Family Therapy is on the January 31st episode to talk about this concept of Aspirational Shame. Lindsay discusses with her how to recognize it, how to heal from it, and how the myth of the "perfect mother" plays into it. is where you can find more information.

A Principal's Rant to Parents: Stop Wearing PJ's to School

A principal in the UK wrote and open letter to parents telling them they needed to dress more appropriately when dropping kids off for school and attending school functions. What do you think about this letter? Tell us on our Facebook page

Mattel Updates Barbie's Body Shape

Mattel has introduced tall, curvy and petite body shapes to their Barbie doll, a change that Lindsay agrees is long overdue. We discuss this on the January 31st episode.

Resources for Maternal Mental Health Issues

Lindsay opened up about her struggle with Postpartum Anxiety on this past Sunday's episode. If you or someone you know is struggling with a Postpartum Mood Disorder, here are a few resources that helped Lindsay through her journey. Of course, if you need additional help please call your OB/GYN or another trained medical professional.

Mom-blogger's Brutally Honest Post About Motherhood Resonates

An Australian blogger named Constance Hall has a pretty brutally honest post about motherhood that really struck a chord with Lindsay. She discussed this post on this past Sunday's episode.

Mom's Powerful Message to Bullies

A Connecticut mother's powerful message to her son's bullies has inspired thousands. On Sunday's Mom Show we discuss this post and why bullying exits with our kids.

Chick-fil-A Introduces Mom Valet

It's a service designed to take the stress out of dining for moms with multiple kids. Chick-fil-A introduces Mom valet where moms can order through the drive-thru and have their table set up when they get inside the restaurant. Join our conversation at, will you use this service?

Getting Your Toddler to Listen

In the January 3rd episode of The Mom Show, Lindsay discussed how to get your toddler to listen. This list from Baby Center provides some guidelines if your child is at the age where they are are learning simple commands.

Hayden Panettiere Talks Postpartum Depression

On the show we talked about Hayden Panettiere\'s postpartum depression. Click for the full story.