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Georgia voters challenge legality of new election system

Kate Brumback, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 19th - 7:26am

Georgia voters who want hand-marked paper ballots are challenging the new election system state officials are rushing to implement in time for next year's presidential primaries, saying the new touchscreen machines remain vulnerable and their results unverifiable, even though they produce paper records.

Amash dumped Trump, and now Mich. district may dump Amash

Sara Burnett, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 18th - 10:19pm

Eirran Betka-Pope was on her lunch break when she spotted hundreds of Donald Trump supporters protesting outside the office of Rep. Justin Amash, the first Republican on Capitol Hill to say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

Women vying for Salt Lake City mayor set stage for friendly campaigns

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Aug 18th - 8:46pm

The two women vying for mayor opened up about their histories, hopes and visions for Salt Lake City Sunday during their first joint speaking engagement since they both advanced in last Tuesday’s primary election.

Trump on guns: 'We do have a lot of background checks right now'

Nikki Carvajal and Paul Leblanc, CNN  |  Posted Aug 18th - 8:26pm

President Donald Trump on Sunday emphasized a need for the country to focus on "a very big mental health problem" in the wake of two mass shootings in one weekend that left 32 people dead earlier this month as he appeared to defend current US gun control measures, stating "we do have a lot of background checks right now."

Sanders' criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population

Meg Kinnard, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 18th - 7:36am

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is proposing a criminal justice overhaul that aims to cut the nation's prison population in half, end mandatory minimum sentencing, ban private prisons and legalize marijuana. He says the current system does not fairly treat people of color, addicts or the mentally ill.

Suburban voters are pressuring Republicans to act on guns

Jonathan J. Cooper, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 18th - 6:24am

Following the news has grown stressful for Angela Tetschner, a 39-year-old nurse raising four children in this sprawling Phoenix suburb of tile roofs, desert yards, young families and voters who are increasingly up for grabs.

Biden's prism of loss: A public man, shaped by private grief

Nancy Benac, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 10:18pm

On the night before Joe Biden's world collapsed, he sat in a picture-perfect scene with his wife by the fireside in their Delaware living room.

Utah moms rally for federal gun reform

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Aug 17th - 7:55pm

A group of local moms and other supporters, spurred by the two recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton, rallied for federal gun reform Saturday in downtown Salt Lake City.

Abrams brings Fair Fight 2020 to Georgia

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 3:56pm

Democrat Stacey Abrams launched a new multistate voter protection initiative in Georgia on Saturday.

Sen. Markey faces 2 challengers; now some pushing for a 3rd

Steve Leblanc, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 9:42am

Some Massachusetts voters see Sen. Edward Markey as potentially vulnerable to a primary challenge, and one group is even trying to persuade U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy to run for his seat.

Native American voters, once overlooked, seek role for 2020

Kali Robinson, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 10:08pm

Democratic presidential candidates will descend on Iowa next week to do something that Native Americans say doesn't happen enough: court their vote.

Advocates lay out top women’s initiatives

Kim Bojórquez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 9:47pm

Local advocates from a range of women’s organizations laid out issues affecting Utah women and girls at the Utah Women’s Policy Conference on Friday.

Councilman accused of poor taste for using bulletproof vest during meeting

Christina Giardinelli, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 9:11pm

A councilman’s attire and behavior earlier this week is being called “inappropriate” and “in poor taste” by some Sandy residents

Mendenhall, Escamilla headed to general election, latest results confirm

Gretel Kauffman, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 5:13pm

Salt Lake City Councilwoman Erin Mendenhall and state Sen. Luz Escamilla are headed to the Salt Lake mayoral general election, results released Friday confirmed.

Republicans still waiting on Pompeo in Kansas Senate race

John Hanna, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:57pm

Even though U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has declared a Senate run to be "off the table" next year, many fellow Republicans in Washington and his home state of Kansas aren't buying it.

UN: Migrant deaths in Americas top 500 so far this year

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:33pm

More than 500 migrants have lost their lives in the Americas so far this year, about a 33% increase from a year ago, the U.N. migration agency said Friday.

Public lands management critic resigns from Utah Legislature

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:01pm

A Utah legislator is stepping down.

Energized liberals fear Warren, Sanders can't beat Trump

Steve Peoples, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 11:59am

They want fundamental change: single-payer health care, debt-free college, environmental protections and the end of big money in politics.

O'Rourke visits town targeted by 'terrifying' ICE raids

Emily Wagster Pettus and Will Weissert, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 10:44am

Beto O'Rourke on Friday became the first Democratic presidential candidate to visit one of the Mississippi towns where federal immigration agents raided chicken processing plants and arrested nearly 700 people — kicking off a new phase of his campaign he says will focus on President Donald Trump's damaging policies.