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Shop sells 'hundreds' of doughnuts starring Dr. Fauci's face

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 27th - 7:57pm

An upstate New York doughnut shop is featuring the likeness of the doctor leading the country's battle with coronavirus on its sweet treats.

‘Mystery Meat’ left on Layton bachelor pad porch

Ashley Kewish, KSL TV  |  Posted Mar 8th - 4:52pm

What’s the strangest thing that has been left on your doorstep? Well, two Layton men who found a raw animal organ outside their door just might have you beat.

Golf's famous 'Hinkle Tree' from '79 Open uprooted by wind

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 6th - 10:19am

A tree that appeared overnight during the 1979 U.S. Open to become a part of golf lore has met its end.

After 2 weeks of pounding, Leaning Tower of Dallas is down

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 2nd - 3:22pm

The Leaning Tower of Dallas, the nearly iconic remnant of a high-rise building implosion gone awry, finally collapsed in a cloud of dust Monday after two weeks of being whacked with a headache ball.

Have You Seen This? Lost purse from 1957 found behind school locker

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 28th - 3:02pm

This story hits all the right notes. It's fun, interesting, surprising and heartfelt. It has it all.

Authorities seize alligator from Ohio basement

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 28th - 12:13pm

Authorities in Ohio have seized an alligator that was being kept in the basement of a home.

Why do we even have a leap year? (Get ready to do some math)

CNN Staff  |  Posted Feb 28th - 10:42am

2020 is a leap year, which means we get to enjoy a whole extra day of February, and people born on February 29 finally get some presents.

Weber State University solicits transcriptions of brothel interview

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 27th - 4:46pm

Notes from a newspaper interview with a Utah brothel owner nearly 70 years ago have drawn widespread interest from people who want a shot at deciphering the cryptic shorthand.

Boat does doughnuts after hitting wave, throws man overboard

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 30th - 5:52am

A boat that started doing doughnuts after hitting a wave in the Potomac River tossed the driver overboard.

Psych evaluation ordered for man who sought trial by combat

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 12th - 8:27am

An Iowa judge has ordered a psychological evaluation of a Kansas man who asked the judge to let him engage in a sword fight with his ex-wife and her attorney so that he can “rend their souls” from their bodies.

A cow is on the loose and wanted by police in South Florida

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 11th - 9:47am

A cow is on the loose in South Florida. Not considered dangerous, but police have been trying to corral it for weeks.

Police jail woman who paid bail with marijuana-scented cash

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 9th - 12:15pm

A Louisiana woman was arrested on drug charges after police determined the $5,000 cash she used to post an inmate's bail had a “strong odor of marijuana.”

Seeking trial delay, sheriff makes false COVID-19 claim

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 9th - 8:22am

Lawyers for a longtime Alabama sheriff seeking a delay in his Monday theft trial wrongly claimed the officer was being tested for the illness caused by a new coronavirus.

North Carolina woman goes to jail for 100th birthday

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 5th - 2:08pm

For her 100th birthday, Ruth Bryant crossed a significant item off her bucket list. She went to jail.

Reptile breeder pays fine after 157 venomous snakes seized

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 4th - 4:12pm

A reptile breeder in upstate New York has paid a $500 fine related to the possession of more than 150 venomous snakes in his home, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said Wednesday.

Accent mark in official Santa Fe seal in wrong spot

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 3rd - 9:05pm

An accent mark on the official seal of the capital city of the nation's most Hispanic state is in the wrong spot.

Confused fans rip Garth Brooks for wearing 'Sanders' jersey

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 28th - 1:23pm

Leave it to the internet to interpret Garth Brooks wearing a Barry Sanders jersey during a concert in Detroit as a political endorsement of a certain liberal presidential candidate.

English woman wins annual pancake race with Kansas

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 25th - 3:21pm

An Englishwoman barely squeaked out a victory over a competitor across the pond in Kansas in Tuesday's annual pancake race between their British and American hometowns.

Woman, 84, sinks putt across basketball court to win new car

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 24th - 12:21pm

All that 84-year-old Mary Ann Wakfield needed to do to win a new car was sink a putt across the entire length of the court at the University of Mississippi's basketball stadium.