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Good boy! Service dog gets honorary diploma

Mary Esch, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 17th - 2:14pm

Whenever Brittany Hawley went to class, her loyal service dog Griffin was there. If she needed her cell phone, Griffin would fetch it. Even when she assisted patients as part of an internship, Griffin was there helping out as well.

Missouri poacher ordered to repeatedly watch 'Bambi'

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 17th - 10:16am

A Missouri poacher has been ordered to repeatedly watch the movie "Bambi" as part of his sentence in a scheme to illegally kill hundreds of deer.

Man who demolished landmark house ordered to build replica

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 15th - 3:16pm

A man who illegally demolished a San Francisco house designed by modernist architect Richard Neutra was ordered this week to rebuild it exactly as it was.

Trucker saves dogs thrown from vehicle on New York highway

Michael R. Sisak and Julie Walker, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 15th - 12:06pm

A pair of beagle mixes are on the mend after authorities say someone threw them out of a moving vehicle on a snowy New York highway. The dogs were rescued by a passing trucker, but one was so badly mangled that a front leg had to be amputated.

Customs finds 70 finches in hair rollers

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 5:18am

Customs officials at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport say they found 70 live finches hidden inside hair rollers.

Police: Man tried to pay for McDonald's with bag of weed

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 18th - 4:18am

Police in Florida say a 23-year-old man went through a McDonald's drive-thru and tried to pay for his order with a bag of marijuana.

Hulking hog captured near school bus stop in Florida

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 17th - 5:19pm

A hefty hog has been captured near a school bus stop in Florida.

Chipped tooth? No! Diner finds pearl in his oyster dish

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 17th - 11:31am

A lucky diner says he happened upon a pearl while eating an oyster dish at a famous New York City restaurant.

Maine shuts down pot Facebook page after critics poke fun

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 16th - 5:31pm

The state of Maine has shut down a Facebook page detailing the potential dangers of marijuana use in response to a satirical page launched by pro-pot critics.

Tea thrown into harbor for anniversary of Boston Tea Party

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 16th - 9:43am

Tea will once again be thrown into Boston Harbor to mark the 245th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Truck crashes through home, misses sleeping woman

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 14th - 3:43am

A pickup truck has smashed through a home in Massachusetts, barely missing a woman who was asleep on her couch.

Candidate whose missed vote led to tie loses on dice roll

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 13th - 1:55pm

A city council candidate in northeastern Arkansas whose runoff election ended in a tie after he didn't vote has lost his bid for the seat by a roll of the dice.

Bowler turning 105 still looking to improve his game

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 11th - 1:03pm

A New York state man who has been bowling for more than 90 years says he's still trying to improve his game as he turns 105 years old.

Apparent Grinch on video driving through Christmas display

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 11th - 7:50am

An apparent Grinch was spotted on surveillance video plowing through a Christmas display outside a suburban Indianapolis home and tips are being sought to find the man.

Police give $3 to person who found it 14 years ago

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 11th - 7:47am

Police in New Jersey have given $3 to the person who found it 14 years ago.

Man who rammed cars to flee 'zombies' gets 15 years

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 11th - 1:22am

A Mississippi Gulf Coast man who rammed vehicles because he thought zombies were chasing him has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

9 years after being flushed, woman's wedding ring reappears

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 10th - 8:10am

A New Jersey woman has her wedding ring back, nine years after she accidentally flushed it down her toilet.

Rat found in vending machine at Florida high school

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 10th - 7:17am

Students at a Florida high school found an unwelcome surprise in a vending machine: a rat climbing the rows of packaged snacks and drinks.

Even the dogs get snow boots at this police department

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 10th - 5:12am

A police dog in South Dakota is learning how to walk a beat in snow boots.