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New York college says it found George Washington's hair in archived book

Mary Esch, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 18th - 10:53am

Tucked in the pages of a grimy, leather-bound almanac in the archives at New York's Union College was a tiny envelope with the hand-scrawled words "Washington's hair."

San Francisco firefighters rescue 2 dogs from cliff

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 16th - 4:19pm

It's usually cats in trees that need a firefighter's help but not Friday, when two dogs were rescued by San Francisco firefighters after sliding halfway down a cliff.

Escaped bull storms Idaho high school before being killed by police

Laurie Welch, Times-news  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 12:23pm

Burley High School in Idaho was locked down for about 15 minutes on Tuesday when an enraged bull stormed the campus.

Man walks 11 miles to work every day until co-workers find out

Lauren Lee, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 8:03am

Trenton Lewis' legs ached from the 11-mile walk he made every morning to get to his 4 a.m. shift. And yet the 21-year-old dutifully did it for seven long months.

Family who buried wrong man sues California county

Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 13th - 7:14pm

Relatives who thought they had buried their loved one only to find out he was alive 11 days after his funeral sued a California county Tuesday.

Clearfield officials 'debug' family's tree, remove VW Beetle

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted   Feb 13th - 7:00pm

Money may not grow on trees. But in the yard of one Clearfield home, cars hang out in them — that is, until Tuesday, when a Volkswagen Beetle called "Lucy" was extracted from a tree in Janis Zettel's yard.

Student calls 911 from school, says he was sleepwalking

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 22nd - 8:03am

A Pennsylvania middle school canceled classes after a student who said he was sleepwalking was found inside the building.

Yuck: Bank staff sick of hawk scarfing pigeons at their door

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 11:00am

The feeding habits of a Cooper's hawk may fascinate birdwatchers, but employees of a New York bank are fed up with the feathery remnants of slaughtered pigeons.

Got skunks in your home? Don't use a smoke bomb

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 10:17am

Authorities say a man destroyed a suburban Detroit home while trying to use a smoke bomb to rid a crawlspace of skunks.

Massachusetts transit bosses under fire for $100K bathroom

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 9:13am

Massachusetts transportation officials are under fire for authorizing a no-bid contract for a tiny, $100,000 bathroom inside a state office building.

Nothing to see here! Police clear T-Rex walking student

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 6:48am

Police in a Philadelphia suburb received an unusual report about a dinosaur on the loose.

Police: Man's target practice leaves bulletholes in walls

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 3:22pm

Authorities say a Florida man who was taking target practice in his home was arrested after bullets went through the wall into his neighbors' apartment.

Tar cakes tires, slows commute on New Jersey highway

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 8:38am

It was a sticky commute on a New Jersey interstate after tar coated the highway.

Lobster emoji gets 2 more legs following design complaints

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 4:57am

After an outcry, the organization that controls the release of emojis has added two more legs to the forthcoming lobster emoji to make it correct.

11-year-old Pennsylvania Boy Scout called for jury duty

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 4:27am

One Pennsylvania resident has been called to perform his civic duty a few years earlier than expected.

NYC still waiting to fill new 'night mayor' position

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 4:23am

New York City is still waiting to see who will become its first ever "night mayor."

German police rescue men tangled up with mannequin, toy car

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 17th - 7:24am

Police in western Germany have freed two men who became entangled with a mannequin and a large, remote controlled car.

100 pizzas and counting: German police probe pizza stalker

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 9:28am

German police are investigating a case of severe pizza stalking in the western town of Dortmund.

Police pursuit of stolen Ohio school bus hits 100 mph

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 14th - 7:11am

Authorities say speeds reached 100 mph during a police pursuit of a stolen school bus in southwest Ohio