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Pigeon wearing tiny sombrero discovered in Reno

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 17th - 7:13am

A pigeon wearing a tiny sombrero in Reno, Nevada, was discovered following sightings of its cowboy hat-wearing cousins in Las Vegas, a city manager said.

Pigeon wearing tiny sombrero discovered in Reno

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 16th - 1:29pm

A pigeon wearing a tiny sombrero in Reno was discovered following sightings of its cowboy hat-wearing cousins in Las Vegas, a city manager said.

'OK, Boomer' makes a Supreme Court appearance in age case

Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 15th - 11:55am

“OK, Boomer" made its first appearance in the Supreme Court Wednesday, invoked by baby boomer Chief Justice John Roberts 12 days before he turns 65.

Spotify now has playlists for your dog, your cat and even your hamster

Sara Spary, CNN Business  |  Posted Jan 15th - 8:35am

If you've ever felt guilty about leaving your dog home alone, Spotify may be able to salve your conscience -- by bringing out a podcast and range of playlists aimed at soothing lonely pets.

Theories persist about mystery drones seen in rural region

Mead Gruver, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 14th - 11:06pm

People insist they have spotted fleets of large drones crisscrossing rural America’s night sky, their mission mysterious, raising questions that have veered into conspiracy theories and launching an investigation.

FBI is trying to catch a "bad wig bandit" in North Carolina

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 11th - 3:04pm

The FBI is asking the public's help in catching a so-called “bad wig bandit” who's been robbing banks in North Carolina.

Body camera captures Unified police pursuing runaway pig

Andrew Adams, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 10th - 9:19pm

Officers with the Unified Police Department found themselves in the middle of an unlikely pursuit when they were called to a neighborhood to round up a stray pig.

Muggles, get ready for the first Harry Potter flagship store

Lauren M. Johnson, CNN  |  Posted Jan 10th - 2:02pm

A massive Wizarding World of Harry Potter store is coming to New York this summer.

Cops: Waze app directs casino-bound drivers into wilderness

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 21st - 7:43am

An ad in the Waze navigation app is misdirecting motorists headed to Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa into the wilderness of New Jersey's Pine Barrens, police said.

Nearly 100 beehives stolen from northern California orchard

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 20th - 1:24pm

Authorities are investigating the theft of nearly 100 beehives from an orchard in northern California.

Bull-noser: Camera records moose trapping Alaska man in shed

Dan Joling, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 17th - 1:18pm

An Alaska man carrying garbage to his shed had to take cover inside when a curious bull moose decided to join him.

Passenger takes over airport monitor for video game

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 17th - 10:49am

A passenger waiting for a flight at an Oregon airport needed a bit more screen space for his video game so he plugged his Playstation 4 into a computer screen that had been displaying a map of the airport.

TV hen mauled to death: German court backs bigger payout

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 17th - 6:32am

A court in Germany has ruled that the owner of a chicken that was mauled to death by a dog in 2017 deserves a higher payout because the hen was trained and had TV experience.

Police say tear gas smoked out suspects in pot burglary

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 16th - 10:09pm

Authorities say a SWAT team was forced to smoke out suspects in an Albuquerque marijuana dispensary burglary that sparked a standoff.

Not easy being green: North Carolina dog births unique puppy

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 16th - 6:18am

The Avengers may have gained a canine sidekick after a North Carolina family's dog gave birth to a bright green puppy named “Hulk.”

Prankster appears in Australia court for driving flooded car

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 15th - 12:35am

A social media prankster appeared in an Australian court on Wednesday charged in relation to driving a car full of water to a liquor store during a heat wave and buying beer.

Las Vegas animal rescue: Cowboy hat-wearing pigeon dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 14th - 11:56am

Las Vegas animal rescuers have confirmed one of three hat-wearing pigeons that gained popularity on social media has died.

A tip-top tip: Customer leaves over $2,000 for 2 bartenders

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 14th - 9:15am

A customer made it much more than a double for two New Hampshire bartenders when he tipped them over $2,000 on a $21 check.

Christmas crystal: Man charged with mailing meth to inmate

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 13th - 6:28pm

A man sent some illegal holiday cheer to a woman in jail and he ended up getting arrested himself, officials in a Georgia county say.