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Dog lost since 2007 found over 1K miles away in Pittsburgh

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 12:34pm

A toy fox terrier that disappeared from its family's south Florida home in 2007 was found this week over a thousand miles away in Pittsburgh and reunited with its owner on Friday.

Big avocado earns Hawaii family Guinness World Records honor

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 10:12am

A Hawaii family has won a place with the Guinness World Records for the world's heaviest avocado.

'Is this your turd?': Missouri city's cleanup flags dog poop

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 10th - 9:17am

Officials in a southwest Missouri city are planting small flags in piles of abandoned dog poop as part of a campaign to get residents to clean up after their pets downtown.

Police: High school coach lifted $40 from player's wallet

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 9th - 10:01am

A New Mexico football coach has been fired and faces criminal charges after authorities said a student used a cellphone video to capture the coach on video taking money from a player's wallet.

Squirrels hide more than 200 walnuts under SUV's hood

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 8th - 11:50am

A Pittsburgh area couple found out where all their walnuts have gone.

Someone call Ghostbusters. This Italian restaurant is crawling with ghosts

Scottie Andrew, CNN  |  Posted Oct 6th - 9:06pm

An unassuming Italian restaurant in Pennsylvania has a ghost problem. So bad, in fact, that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man lumbered over from New York to claim it as his castle.

Long-lost sculpture has returned to Los Angeles library

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 5th - 3:09pm

A bronze sculpture that mysteriously disappeared from the Los Angeles Central Library 50 years ago has returned to its original home.

Police: Power tool used to vandalize ‘America’s Stonehenge’

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 3rd - 2:46pm

Police in New Hampshire say it appears someone used a power tool to vandalize a stone at group of rock configurations called America’s Stonehenge.

The search is over: Dog turns up a year after gas explosions

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 3rd - 12:53pm

A dog that disappeared after the chaos of the natural gas explosions and fires in Massachusetts a year ago is back in the arms of its owner.

These are the fastest (and slowest) fast food drive-thrus

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted Oct 3rd - 11:33am

Time is a matter of perception, and a minute is never longer than when you're a) waiting to use the bathroom, or b) idling in a fast food drive-thru line.

Jumping the shark? Kiss will play for them in the ocean

Wayne Parry, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 3rd - 5:39am

Having played nearly every corner of the Earth in a nearly 50-year career, the rock band Kiss is taking its show to a new place _ under the sea, where they will perform for great white sharks and eight fans separated from them by a small submarine.

Hogle Zoo remembers Walter the Warthog after death

Jen Riess,  |  Posted Oct 2nd - 6:46pm

Utah's Hogle Zoo announced the death of a 14-month-old African warthog named Walter on Wednesday afternoon.

Plane hits car in emergency landing on road; no major injury

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 11th - 8:22am

A plane crash turned into a traffic crash when a small aircraft having engine trouble made an emergency landing on an Ohio roadway and rear-ended a car near an intersection.

Wild pigs looking for food tear up park, lawns in California

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 7th - 4:01pm

More than two dozen wild pigs have been ripping up a park, soccer fields, lawns and landscaping as they look for food in a San Francisco Bay Area community.

Woman hides in store's ceiling to avoid shoplifting arrest

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 7th - 8:34am

A Florida woman faces multiple charges after authorities say she climbed into the ceiling of a Big Lots store to avoid a shoplifting arrest.

Deer crashes through window of Long Island hair salon

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 6th - 6:57pm

A deer crashed through the window of a Long Island hair salon Saturday and ran amok before breaking out the front door with a straightening iron in tow.

Un-bear-able! Cubs get locked in van, honk horn to get out

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 5th - 9:18am

Two bear cubs were rescued after they locked themselves in a van and then honked the horn for help.

Man sues Oregon clinic over donated sperm used for 17 kids

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 2nd - 2:06pm

A man who says his donated sperm was used to father at least 17 children in violation of an agreement that allowed for no more than five has sued an Oregon fertility clinic.

Dietician's nightmare: NC State Fair announces 2019 menu

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 2nd - 5:50am

The North Carolina State Fair, where diets meet their demise, has released its belly-busting menu for 2019, and it includes some new concoctions.