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Argentina airport evacuated due to grenade-like pot grinder

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 17th - 11:09am

It looked like a grenade and triggered the evacuation of an Argentine airport. But it turns out that it was just a marijuana grinder.

Fox is 9th casualty after jaguar's weekend escape at zoo

Stacey Plaisance and Kevin McGill, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 16th - 9:22pm

A little girl's teary-eyed self-portrait, stuffed toys and a stick of taffy from a local street vendor, were among the items left at the entrance to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans on Monday — a makeshift memorial for nine animals killed by a jaguar that escaped its enclosure two days earlier.

Have You Seen This? Solving 3 Rubik’s Cubes while juggling

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 15th - 2:01pm

A 13-year-old boy solves three Rubik’s Cubes while juggling them, and it’s looks as impossible as it sounds.

Have You Seen This? Grandpa plus tech equals adorable proposal reaction

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted Jul 14th - 2:02pm

Tech mishaps can and have happened to most of us, but only a few can make a mistake as adorably as this grandpa.

Rhode Island governor to hold office hours at the beach

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 14th - 10:50am

Rhode Island's governor says she's holding summer office hours at the beach.

5 things you might not know about Friday the 13th

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 13th - 11:05am

It’s not just a freaky film franchise; Friday the 13th has been making people superstitious for centuries.

Arizona lawmaker apologizes after video shows 140 mph brag

Melissa Daniels, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 12th - 6:34pm

An Arizona state lawmaker was seen telling a sheriff's deputy he sometimes drives as fast as 130 or 140 mph (210 or 225 kph) after he was pulled over for speeding, and the deputy said in a report later that the driver claimed to have legislative immunity

Boa constrictor falls from ceiling, lands on sleeping man

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 11th - 2:46pm

A central New York man got a rude awakening when a large snake fell from his bedroom ceiling and landed on him while he slept.

Lose, your blues: Town tosses 'Footloose' anti-dancing law

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 16th - 1:50pm

Officials in a western Arkansas city say residents can finally kick off their Sunday shoes.

Hungry headache: German city seeks to evict big catfish

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 16th - 8:23am

A German city is looking for a way to get rid of a giant catfish that is believed to have developed a taste for ducklings after eating all of its fellow fish in the municipal pond.

Firefighters rescue raccoon that got head stuck in mayo jar

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 16th - 7:23am

Firefighters in upstate New York helped out a presumably hungry raccoon that got its head stuck inside a mayonnaise jar.

Toys, eyeglasses, cellphones surface in Ohio sewer system

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 15th - 4:57pm

Workers in a metropolitan sewer district in Ohio have amassed an impressive collection of toys, eyeglasses and other objects that made their way through the sewer system.

Pranksters plant Wyoming city's flower pots with real pot

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 14th - 11:34am

A Wyoming city has discovered its potted plants have literally gone to pot.

Tours and tattoos mark Friday the 13th

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 13th - 5:34am

There's nothing superstitious about Friday the 13th as two towns celebrate the day with tours or tattoos.

Man smashes through grocery store ceiling, twice

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 13th - 5:00am

Police say a man fell through the ceiling of a New Hampshire supermarket, twice.

Wreckage believed to be from 1997 plane crash found

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 12th - 4:43pm

Authorities believe they have discovered the wreckage of a small plane that crashed more than 20 years ago in northern Michigan.

Video shows woman snatching, bagging birds at US park

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 12th - 2:56pm

A U.S. park ranger confronted a woman seen snatching birds at a historic square in Philadelphia and placing them alive in plastic bags, and she claimed she released the birds after catching them.

State board to consider changing mountain's made-up name

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 12th - 2:01pm

A Vermont state board plans to hear a man's request to change the name of Mount Ascutney (ah-SKUT'-nee) because it's a made-up name.

Black bear noshes on lunch inside surprised woman's minivan

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 12th - 8:58am

Bears don't usually pack a lunch, but they'll be happy to eat whatever someone else has prepared.