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Grumpy Cat, who entertained millions online, dies at age 7

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 7:03am

Grumpy Cat, whose sourpuss expression entertained millions on the internet and spawned hundreds of memes, national television commercials and even a movie, died at age 7.

NYPD used Woody Harrelson photo to find lookalike beer thief

Michael R. Sisak, Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 3:16pm

The New York Police Department used a photo of Woody Harrelson in its facial recognition program in an attempt to identify a beer thief who looked like the actor, according to a report published Thursday.

Retrial planned for man who broke $4.5M statue's thumb

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 12:14pm

Federal prosecutors plan to retry a Delaware man who admitted he broke a thumb off a $4.5 million statue at a Philadelphia museum.

Kitten stowaways found after long journey in steel column

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 15th - 5:07pm

Five kittens that stowed away on a 400-mile trip to San Diego are looking for new homes.

Dennis Rodman accused of stealing from yoga studio

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 11th - 5:15pm

The owner of a Southern California yoga studio is accusing Dennis Rodman of helping three people steal more than $3,500 in merchandise from his business.

Snake turns up in washing machine smelling 'like Downy'

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 10th - 6:11am

An escaped pet snake that apparently slithered into a suburban Chicago family's washing machine ended up smelling like fabric softener after going through the wash.

Former Disney employee accused of stealing parks' costumes

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 18th - 3:00pm

A former Walt Disney World employee with backstage access stole about $14,000 worth of costumes and items from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks, authorities said Friday.

Thief must pay $28K to fix stolen 'Dukes of Hazzard' Sno-Cat

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 11:37am

A Colorado man has been ordered to pay more than $28,000 to cover damages after he pleaded guilty to stealing a Sno-Cat painted to look like the "General Lee" car featured in the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Coin toss settles rare Philippine election tie

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 7:14am

Philippine election officials settled a rare tie in a mayoral race on Friday by tossing a coin.

Authorities: Woman unhappy about birthday attacks boyfriend

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 6:10am

A western Pennsylvania woman allegedly attacked her boyfriend with a box cutter because no one got her a card, cake or gift on her 55th birthday.

My kind of mix-up: $5,760 bottle of wine served by mistake

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 2:31pm

A British restaurant has given some customers an unexpected treat, accidentally serving them a 4,500-pound ($5,760) bottle of red wine.

Bird lays eggs on fake turf, displacing soccer teams for now

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 10:39am

A little birdie has displaced soccer players in New Jersey.

Alligator blocks runway at Air Force base in Florida

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 6:14am

Staff at a U.S. Air Force base in Florida had to bring in a front-end loader to remove an alligator that was lounging on a runway.

Man to stand trial on claims he flushed grandparents' ashes

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 5:25am

A judge has ruled that a western Pennsylvania man must stand trial on charges he flushed his grandparents' ashes down a toilet after his mother kicked him out of her home.

Danish candidate places election ad on adult site

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 5:16am

While most of the candidates for Denmark's general election are making good use of the internet, posting their promises on websites and social media, one has gone a step further.

Merkel fan accidentally grounds chancellor's plane

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 14th - 2:57am

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government plane has been grounded by an excited fan who jumped out of her van to take a photo of it at Dortmund airport but forgot to put the parking brake on, and the vehicle rolled slowly into the nose of the jet.

Police: New Mexico driver fled and said, 'I don't think so'

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 12th - 10:00pm

A New Mexico woman is facing charges after police say she fled an officer during a traffic stop and told him, "I don't think so."

Woman escapes with cat from car that plunged into river

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 12th - 11:51am

A woman was able to save herself and her cat after the car they were riding in plunged into a Massachusetts river.

Armed wildlife official prompts lockdown at Utah high school

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 10th - 11:12am

Authorities say an armed Utah wildlife official who was called to put down an injured deer prompted a lockdown at a nearby high school.

Waiter returns lost $424,000 check to retired social worker

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 10th - 10:51am

A waiter has returned a cashier's check worth nearly $424,000 to the retired social worker who lost it.