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Have You Seen This? Dog can't handle Mufasa's death

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Mar 22nd - 3:34pm

I think we can all related to exactly what this dog is feeling and it hurts.

Knitting with a repurpose: Woman makes suit of plastic bags

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 21st - 3:09pm

Rosa Ferrigno's new suit takes recycling to an extreme — she knitted it from more than 300 plastic grocery bags.

Escaped wallaby goes on walkabout in Dallas neighborhood

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 21st - 8:53am

A wallaby who apparently escaped his owners went on a walkabout in an east Dallas neighborhood before being recaptured.

Man uses nude mannequins to send message to 'nosey' neighbor

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 20th - 2:33pm

Jason Windus gave his California neighbor something to look at during a dispute over the height of a backyard fence — naked mannequins having a garden party.

Have You Seen This? Cow crosses road, goes to Chick-fil-A

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Mar 18th - 3:30pm

Why did the cow cross the road? To go get Chick-fil-A, obviously!

All your burning St. Patrick's Day questions answered

Michelle Lou and Saeed Ahmed, CNN  |  Posted Mar 17th - 11:55am

Every March 17, the world suddenly looks a bit greener as people don the color to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Have You Seen This? Champagne tower comes crashing down at fancy party

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Mar 14th - 3:30pm

At this fancy party, bartenders have the champagne flowing and musicians are playing classical music in the background, sort of like in “Titanic.” And like in that movie, this video features something collapsing.

Mass school sickness blamed on spicy food, sympathy vomiting

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 25th - 9:09am

Public health officials in North Carolina say the sudden onslaught of mass vomiting at an elementary school wasn't caused by a nefarious disease, but rather fruit-flavored concentrate, spicy food and "sympathetic vomiting."

Man who stopped to feed homeless fights traffic citation

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 25th - 8:21am

A Kentucky man is fighting a traffic citation he received while feeding a homeless man.

Alaska man who tracks down stolen vehicles enters plea deal

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 24th - 8:12pm

An Alaska man has agreed to a plea deal that includes a promise to stop chasing after stolen vehicles.

94-year-old WWII veteran finally gets high school diploma

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 22nd - 5:23am

A 94-year-old World War II veteran has received his high school diploma — 74 years after he would have gotten had he not enlisted.

Thief steals 140 sap buckets in Vermont

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 21st - 2:19pm

A sap bucket thief has brought a sour note to Vermont's maple sugaring season.

Man recreates bunny suit marriage proposal for anniversary

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 21st - 6:14am

A New Hampshire man celebrated his wedding anniversary by showing up at the airport in a bunny costume similar to the one used when he first proposed to his wife.

LA-area pursuit suspect breakdances before surrendering

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 20th - 12:17pm

Law-breaking turned into breakdancing at the end of a Southern California vehicle pursuit.

Police: Duo nabbed trying to steal Capone statue in Arkansas

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 19th - 10:48am

It was a caper Scarface might have sanctioned ... until they dropped him and got collared.

Man returns library book 53 years late

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 18th - 3:44am

A New Jersey man says he has returned an overdue library book — 53 years after he first borrowed the book.

Police: Person with unicorn costume, crowbar robs store

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 16th - 10:30am

Apparently not all unicorns are the embodiment of purity and grace.

T-shirt gun used to launch contraband into Oklahoma prison

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 15th - 12:26pm

An Oklahoma woman was arrested after authorities say she used a T-shirt gun to launch drugs, cellphones and other contraband over a prison fence.

Florida man finds bright green iguana in toilet, calls 911

The Associated Press  |  Posted Mar 15th - 5:57am

A Florida man called 911 after going to the bathroom and finding a bright green iguana swimming in his toilet.