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'Leaning Tower of Dallas' is online star after implosion

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 1:13pm

A social media sensation dubbed the “Leaning Tower of Dallas” was born when a portion of a building survived an implosion in Dallas.

Have You Seen This? Inquisitive pig examines camera that fell from airplane

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Feb 18th - 3:44pm

Have you ever considered what a pig might make of a GoPro camera ... that fell from the sky?

After residents cry fowl: Miami to relocate pack of peacocks

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 14th - 6:36am

A pack of peacocks that has wreaked havoc on a Miami neighborhood will be relocated after city commissioners voted Thursday night to side with residents and agreed to have the birds taken away.

Takes a village: Bear 'foster mom' raises cub saved by dog

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 13th - 10:22am

An orphaned black bear cub has been placed with a substitute mother this week after being saved by a dog and brought to safety.

Wanted man pulls over after sheriff calls during pursuit

Paul Davenport, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 12th - 1:58pm

another one of his relatives — who urged him to surrender.

Massive firework shot over Colorado breaks world record

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 9th - 1:12pm

A massive firework launched over a Colorado ski resort town has set a record for the world's largest aerial firework.

Riders in the storm: Dutch cyclists brave Storm Ciara

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 9th - 5:57am

Call them riders in the storm.

Trapped paraglider rescued from power lines in California

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 20th - 8:41am

A paraglider spent three hours trapped in power lines before being rescued in northern California.

Police chief stripped of duties disrobes, walks into storm

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 19th - 3:07pm

The police chief in a New Hampshire town took it literally when he was stripped of his duties at a local board meeting, disrobing to his underwear and walking out into a snowstorm.

Technicality extinguishes sparkler record attempt in Wyoming

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 16th - 5:27pm

An attempt in Wyoming to break a world record for the most sparklers lit simultaneously failed on a technicality.

Mating snakes prompt closure of part of Florida park

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 11:46am

A Florida city shut down a section of a lake Thursday after receiving reports of swarming snakes. Turns out, the slithery creatures were just celebrating Valentine's Day a little early.

'Perfume cloud' helps German police sniff out drunk driver

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 7:11am

He just didn't smell right.

Police: Reported Civil War cannonball was actually a buoy

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 13th - 12:57am

The digging of a swimming pool revealed what could have been a dangerous discovery in South Carolina.

Man who swam to US from Canada to deliver books is released

Ed White, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 11th - 1:29pm

A man who said he swam across the Detroit River from Canada to try to deliver handmade books before Christmas won his release Tuesday after two months in U.S. custody.

Prosecutors: Thief dropped journal with list of homes to hit

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 10th - 12:17pm

Authorities in Tennessee say they busted a well-organized burglar after he allegedly dropped a notebook during a break-in that contained a list of other places he planned to target.

'Oh deer!": Man gets trampled in North Carolina parking lot

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 10th - 6:07am

A suspect escaped from a hit and run in a North Carolina McDonald's parking lot last month. But police aren't looking for who's responsible.

Puppy in crime: Deputies take man, dog into custody in theft

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 6th - 5:28pm

A Florida man and his furry “accomplice” were taken into custody by authorities who said the man shoplifted from a store.

800 retweets to return stolen, pink purse to tourist

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 6th - 3:55pm

A good Samaritan used the power of social media to track down the owner of a stolen pink purse, returning the purse — and some photos he took of New Orleans on the camera that was tucked inside — to the surprised tourist.

Neighbor uses crossbow to save man from dogs, but kills him

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 6th - 8:30am

A man was shot and killed in his apartment by a crossbow bolt that a neighbor had fired at dogs who were attacking the man, authorities in Massachusetts said.