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Have You Seen This? Ditching fidget spinner trend with Rube Goldberg

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted   Mar 18th - 2:02pm

Say goodbye to the fidget spinner trend with the beauty of a Rube Goldberg machine.

Young John Glenn's pillowcase featured planets, stars

Julie Carr Smyth, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 18th - 10:08am

When future astronaut John Glenn nestled in his bed, it may not have been sugar plums that danced in his head, but celestial bodies.

Store owner: Thieves swipe birds worth thousands of dollars

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 17th - 10:10pm

A business owner says thieves smashed a window of a Southern California pet store and made off with six birds worth thousands of dollars.

Police say Indiana man took taxi to and from bank robbery

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 16th - 11:58am

Police say a 19-year-old Indiana man took a cab to and from a bank robbery and that he paid the driver with some of his stolen cash.

Dead man walking: Court rejects Romanian's claim he's alive

Alison Mutler, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 16th - 10:24am

Constantin Reliu learned in January that he was dead.

Mocha master: SKorea barista adorns coffee with works of art

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 15th - 9:36pm

Would you like cream, sugar and art with that?

Blimp tows water skier across Southern California lake

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 14th - 11:55am

Yes, that was a blimp towing a water skier across the surface of a Southern California lake.

Horsepower: Horses seen traveling down highway in Georgia

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 19th - 5:39am

Several horses traveled down a highway in Georgia and motorist had to hold their horses.

Police find nearly 300 bunnies hopping in California home

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 18th - 11:10am

A Sacramento animal shelter is seeking supplies and cash donations to care for nearly 300 rabbits taken from a single property.

Colorado firefighters pluck baby foxes from storm drain

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 18th - 10:23am

Firefighters in Colorado plucked eight animals they thought were puppies from a storm drain, only to find out later they were young red foxes.

Gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo takes stand against dirty hands

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 16th - 1:05pm

A male gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo is taking a stand against dirty hands by opting to walk on two legs.

Authorities: Man steals SUV at gunpoint during test drive

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 16th - 5:59am

Authorities say a man who took an SUV on a test drive stole the vehicle at gunpoint.

Rhode Island lawmaker withdraws proposed outhouse ban bill

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 16th - 5:50am

A Rhode Island lawmaker who introduced a bill that would ban outhouses in the state says he is withdrawing the legislation.

$5M raffle won in business-boosting drawing at Ohio eatery

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 15th - 7:56am

A Cleveland restaurant says someone won nearly $5 million in a weekly raffle that was intended to draw business and ended up lasting nearly a year as the jackpot climbed.

Sheriff legally used inmate food funds for beach house

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 15th - 7:39am

An Alabama sheriff legally used more than $750,000 of funds meant to feed inmates to purchase a beach house.

North Carolina veteran inaccurately declared dead

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 15th - 5:51am

Federal officials have discovered a North Carolina veteran isn't dead yet.

Gold spills on Russian runway after plane door glitch

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 15th - 3:37am

Russian news reports say the hatch of a cargo plane carrying precious metals accidentally flew open upon takeoff — scattering at least 3 tons of gold on the runway.

Alaska motorists stop dog team pulling sled without musher

Dan Joling, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 14th - 1:46pm

McKenna Wall was driving home last weekend in Fairbanks, Alaska, when she noticed something odd about the sled dog team running on the highway's shoulder.

Mexico seizes mezcal bottles with snakes, reptiles inside

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 13th - 10:56am

Forget the worm at the bottom of your bottle of mescal. Mexican environmental inspectors have found whole boas and iguanas stuffed into bottles of mezcal at a market in the southern state of Oaxaca.