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Shay Ballard, Sandy City

   |  Posted Jan 29th, 2018 @ 9:00am



Officer Ballard was nominated by citizen Leslie McAffee, who writes:

"We had a scary situation happen at Mount Jordan Middle School today. We had a special needs student climb up onto a beam that is 10-15 feet into the air in our lunchroom. The student was walking back and forth and would not come over to get down. Officer Ballard was there and tried to coax the student over, that did not work. Officer Ballard climbed out onto the beam and waited until the student was not looking and walked out and grabbed him and brought him back safely.

We are lucky at Mount Jordan Middle school to have Officer Ballard in our school. He has a great rapport with the Students. He also visited a student last year who had a traumatic family event and was hospitalized for many days. He took the student a gift and was able to cheer her up."

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