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Nominate someone for a High 5!

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a co-worker giving selflessly? Recognize them with a nomination for a High 5!

High 5: The grass is always greener in his neighborhood

Jun 22nd - 7:36am

Maintaining and repairing sprinklers can be a hassle. But it's not in one neighborhood because of a very helpful volunteer.

High 5: Hospital employee much more than a housekeeper

Jun 21st - 6:44am

If you ask around, her co-workers will say she's a treasure. Blanca Lasa's service goes much further than her housekeeping duties.

High 5: Utah's piano man making a difference for elderly

Jun 20th - 8:36am

He's a man of many talents which he demonstrates to bless others. Utah's "Piano Man" gets a deserving High 5.

High 5: Saluting teachers after another successful school year

Jun 9th - 8:31am

They dedicate their time, talents, and money in many cases to prepare our kids for a bright future. Often it's a tough, thankless job, until we stopped by.

High 5: A cancer survivor finds an incredible purpose

Jun 8th - 7:37am

When she was in the midst of breast cancer treatment, a Utah woman decided she needed a purpose. She found one, and others facing medical challenges couldn't be more grateful.

High 5: A life-changing homework assignment, not from a teacher

Jun 6th - 7:44am

He's not a teacher but the homework assignment he gives students at Highland Junior High School in Ogden is making a difference.

High 5: A special dance for a special cancer patient

Jun 1st - 11:51am

Four-years-old and already a cancer survivor. Kailynn Colton is a fighter and she had plenty of support from her dance teammates who choreographed a routine just for her.

High 5: A neighborhood treasure delivering weekly acts of service

May 30th - 11:57am

His is a small act of kindness but his consistency and effort is making a big difference in one Utah neighborhood. That's why many refer to Daren Bradshaw as a treasure.

High 5: Firefighter going above and beyond to save a life

May 25th - 2:12pm

Today's High 5 goes to the Fire Department in Springville for doing what they claim is their job -- saving lives. This time was different though. This crew was driving down a busy street when one of the firefighters jumped out of the truck to save a toddler who had wandered into the middle of the road.

High 5: Quilters club proves service never gets old

May 24th - 6:41am

They get together every Tuesday to socialize and have a good time. But this quilting group at a senior living community in Daybreak is also setting the example that service never gets old.

High 5: Kearns band teacher giving much more than music lessons

May 18th - 9:33am

His students say he's an inspiration to all. A band teacher at Kearns High School is giving kids much more than music lessons. He's shaping their lives in a way that's deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: Military Child of the Year has long list of accolades

May 17th - 10:09am

Operation Homefront just honored a Utah teen with the Military Child of the Year award. We found out there's plenty of reasons why Jamal Braxton is a very deserving recipient.

High 5: Adaptive baseball league gives players of all abilities a chance to play

May 11th - 12:26pm

A West Valley City mom deserves some recognition for giving a group of special baseball players the chance to do something many had never done before - take the field and participate in a game.

High 5: Retiring teacher leaves legacy of science excellence

May 9th - 10:01am

We're saluting a Fairfield Junior High School teacher who knows a thing or two about science. Not only has he encouraged kids to get excited about the subject, but their science projects have competed at the highest level.

High 5: A special prom for all thanks to one mom

May 5th - 11:08am

Most adults remember their experience at prom while in high school. One group of Timpanogos High School students may not have had the chance to go to the dance if not for one generous mom.

High 5: Firefighters on standby for Donuts with Dads

May 3rd - 9:40am

They are often waiting for worst to happen - a 911 call forcing them out the door to fight a fire. This event also had firefighters on the ready but for a much sweeter cause.

High 5: seeing a need, half a world away

Apr 21st - 1:28pm

Meet Mckenzie Clark who is leading the charge to help people half a world away see.

High 5: Super volunteer lovingly known as Mr. Mustache

Apr 19th - 9:38am

It started as a simple hobby. Once or twice a week, Mr. Mustache would show up at Doxey Elementary School. But this super volunteer is in such high demand at the school that he now shows up every morning at 7:30 a.m. and stays for several hours.

High 5: Utah's very own Ms. Frizzle

Apr 4th - 8:32am

Chance are you or your kids have read the children's book The Magic School Bus. There's a teacher character in the book known as Ms. Frizzle. She takes her students on science field trips on a magic school bus. It turns out a teacher just like her is making a difference at one Utah middle school.

High 5: This Utah community sure knows how to lend a helping hand

Mar 28th - 9:06am

When our KSL news vehicle broke down in Milford we expected the worst. We quickly realized neighbors there know how to help those in need. And, as it turns out, we were not the only ones experiencing a desperate moment.