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KSL NewsRadio and Zions Bank are proud to honor Utah's best teachers with the KSL Teacher Feature Awards! Since 1994, Teacher Feature has highlighted outstanding teachers throughout the State of Utah. Winning teachers are announced every Tuesday morning, September through June, on Utah's Morning News with Brian & Amanda.

Each winning teacher is honored with a plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful Roof Restaurant at Temple Square and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater! New this year - each featured teacher will also receive a $200 gift card for school supplies courtesy of Walmart!

All winners are also invited to attend an end-of-year banquet at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in their honor. In addition, one lucky teacher will win the grand prize 2-year lease on a new car courtesy of Burt Brothers Tire and Service.

A panel of judges from Zions Bank, the State Office of Education, and KSL NewsRadio judge the hundreds of nominating letters. The letters can be sent in by anyone - students, peers, former students and even relatives. If you would like to nominate a deserving teacher, fill out the form below.

Or send us a letter via snail mail to:
KSL NewsRadio's Teacher Feature
55 N 300 W
SLC, UT 84101-3502
Please be sure to include all of the information asked for above.

Featured Teachers

Cindy Smith, Hayden Peak Elementary

Feb 19th - 10:46am

She is a loving teacher that gets results! Her students love and respect her. She has high standards and expects each of her students to excel and they do.

Brandon Cook, Venture High School

Feb 12th - 10:07am

I have been taught by Cook in his drawing and painting classes, and it has been a blast. He is the most kind, helpful person I know at the school, and I don’t know where I would be without him.

Todd Jepperson, Orem Junior High

Feb 5th - 8:56am

"Todd Jepperson is the best English teacher you will ever meet."

Jessica Cassity, Weber High School

Jan 29th - 8:34am

I appreciate her seeing beyond what most teachers see and looking at each student as an individual.

John Angell, Cyprus High School

Jan 17th - 9:45am

"Last year when my son was dressing up on Fridays he had some hand me down slacks and shoes... When he comes back to school this week and he received a brand-new tux from his math teacher!"

Gaylynn Parker of Payson High School

Jan 10th - 11:13am

Mrs. Parker has taught her students this year to find the GOOD in the world. Every day she directly or indirectly reminds us to find the good in the world as of that day

Randy Mott, Pleasant Grove Jr. High

Jan 2nd - 10:00am

Mr. Mott is one of the most influential people in my life right now. He has taught me how to reach my full potential while also introducing the blessing of music into my life.

Rachel Rolf, Hillside Middle School

Jan 2nd - 9:43am

Not only does Rachel make learning fun – she genuinely believes in each and every one of her students. She listens, validates their reasoning, and gives them the support and room to master their own big ideas.

Christina Van Dam, Draper Elementary

Dec 26th - 9:16am

Miss Van Dam is an exceptional 5th Grade Teacher at Draper Elementary. How do I know? Because her kids confidently know that she genuinely cares about them

Suzanne Parry, Dilworth Elementary

Dec 18th - 9:43am

Her teaching methods teach the children not only reading, math, art, and social studies, but she helps them learn hard work, time management and and how to work efective and independent. All skills that are not easily taught to 6 and 7 years old children.

Doug Saltzgiver, Woods Cross High School

Dec 4th - 2:35pm

Doug was my AP calculus teacher in high school for the 2003-2004 school year. When I went back to college in 2016 I had a terrible time in one of my math classes. I contacted Doug and without hesitating he spent days out of each week over the summer helping me understand the concepts I wasn't picking up in class.

Timothy Goodman, Saratoga Shores Elementary

Nov 27th - 10:53am

When you ask students in Mr. Goodman’s 3rd grade class, “What makes Mr. Goodman a good teacher?” the overwhelming response you will hear is “He mixes learning with fun!"

Lynette Gittens, Athlos Academy of Utah in Herriman

Nov 20th - 9:02am

She takes the time to get to know her students and work with their unique quirks and learning needs.

Jennifer Ziegler of Antelope Elementary

Nov 13th - 10:58am

Mrs. Ziegler has a passion for teaching all students, but primarily loves the children that come from low-economic areas that need more than just an education.

Lori Drake, NUAMES High School

Nov 13th - 9:21am

Lori has been my son's school counselor for the past three years, at NUAMES High School. I truly believe she may have saved his life, and his future.

Lindsey Pettibone of Fox Hollow Elementary

Nov 6th - 11:34am

As the mother of four children who have attended five schools in three states, I have observed over 30 classrooms, and have never seen anything like the phenomenal environment created by Ms. Pettibone.

Alejandro Saine and Heidi Hancock, Sand Springs Elementary

Oct 30th - 9:04am

We will forever be in debt to both of them for rescuing our precious little first grader.

Lyndee McKay of Hillcrest High School

Oct 23rd - 8:00am

"Mrs. McKay is not afraid to have tough conversations to help students understand the world around them."

Tonya Hyatt of Heritage Elementary

Oct 16th - 9:10am

My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Her teacher took time to make the class and others around her more aware of what Crohn's does to my daughter.

Amy Walters of Diamond Ridge Elementary

Oct 9th - 6:07am

Amy works with students who have mild to severe learning disabilities and who struggle with behavior.

Agnes Broberg of Timpanogos Elementary

Oct 2nd - 2:06pm

Agnes Brown was nominated not once, not twice - but SIX separate times!

Emily Sheets - Meadow Brook Elementary

Sep 25th - 10:00am

"Miss Sheets has been such a blessing in my 3rd graders life!"

Meline Hansen - Midas Creek Elementary

Sep 18th - 11:19am

Mrs. Hansen is dedicated to her school community. She always attends and volunteers for the after school activities through out the year.

Greg Park- Timpanogos High School

Sep 11th - 10:52am

Students also feel like they can talk to Mr. Park on a personal level. They can confide in him. Many times, former students will tell him that he is their all-time favorite teacher.

Ashley Calhoon- Golden Fields Elementary

Sep 4th - 1:31pm

Ashley is an amazing teacher. She and her aides work tirelessly to not only get these students through the day, but to make the day great for each and every one of them.

Marvin Hull- Malan's Peak High School

Aug 28th - 9:07am

I would like to nominate Mr. Marvin Hull to be featured as one of your outstanding teachers. He is a 22 year teacher in the youth corrections programs of the Ogden City School District.

Diane Rockwood- Freedom Elementary

Jun 26th - 3:02pm

Ms. Rockwood has far exceeded our expectations as concerned parents of a newly diagnosed child with high functioning Autism.

Brian Peterson- Lake Ridge Elementary

Jun 18th - 4:05pm

Our teachers form us and teach us. Mr.Peterson wasn't just my teacher he's my friend.

Marc Allen- Woods Cross High School

Jun 11th - 11:35am

He told me that I can do whatever I can dream of. For the first time I finally thought I could. He has inspired me to become a teacher. I can’t thank him enough.

Andy Bolen- Wallace Stegner Academy

Jun 5th - 2:36pm

I have attended many field trips with Mr. Bolen's class and am completely impressed by how he treats the students as a whole. He sets high, but attainable expectations, and respectfully and effectively pushes to them to meet them.

Michelle Smith- Box Elder High School

May 29th - 10:36am

Michelle pushes her students to succeed. She has spent many late nights at her school preparing for her lessons so that her students could benefit and get what they needed to from it.

Lay Kou- Southland Elementary

May 22nd - 10:11am

About four months ago, my husband suddenly found himself without employment. As soon as Mrs. Kou found out, she emailed if there was anything she could do.

Shaynie Wayman- Oquirrah Elementary

May 9th - 2:27pm

My grandson Branic Berg was a student in her E/D cluster unit (Behavior) for the 2016-2017 school year and made huge strides with academics and behavior.

Glen Carpenter- Stansbury High

May 8th - 10:26am

I was one of Mr. Carpenters students for four years. I graduated in 2015, and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do so without him.

Stephen Warner- Settlement Canyon Elementary

May 1st - 11:03am

Even after being diagnosed with cancer Mr. Warner continued to love, encourage, and support his students.

Terry Hunter- Oak Canyon Junior High

Apr 24th - 10:23am

My son was really struggling his first semester in 7th grade, and Mr. Hunter was able to inspire him to improve and became a real role model for him. I appreciated that he didn't really make it easier for my son, instead he helped him rise to the challenge and get back on track.

Keriann Moore- Doxey Elementary

Apr 17th - 10:44am

"Last Christmas our 6 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Since that time, Mrs. Moore has ensured that my son is following his medical plan. She helps him test every day, and has educated herself on how to help him test and give himself insulin."

JoAnn Bahr- Harvigsen Elementary School

Apr 10th - 10:17am

Jo Ann truly goes the extra mile to facilitate learning through many modalities specific to each student. She spends hours of her own time preparing materials and meeting the needs of students in other classes as well.

Lori Crockett- Shelley Elementary

Apr 3rd - 12:37pm

Mrs. Crockett is an outstanding kindergarten teacher, and has made an incredible impact in the life of our son, James. He believes in himself now, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Tracy Findlay- Longview Elementary

Mar 27th - 10:44am

Since the beginning of the year, Ms. Findlay has been in contact and working with us to do what she can to help our (autistic) son...I already think teachers are heroes, but Ms. Findlay is a SUPERHERO!

Sandra Curtis- Nibley Elementary

Mar 20th - 10:39am

Mrs. Curtis not only teaches her students the basic subjects of school, she teaches them service, kindness, and accountability.

Denise Abbott, Timpview High School

Mar 13th - 10:46am

Denise Abbott expects a great deal from each student and gets the results back she asks for. She gives up her lunch hour to have study hour as well as before and after school.

Catherine Bruner- Oak Hollow Elementary

Mar 6th - 10:28am

Mrs. Bruner is a kind and compassionate person. Earlier this month when I was home sick with the flu, Cathy and another teacher brought dinner to my home. This is the type of person Mrs. Bruner is every day. She is just outstanding!

Lisa Garland- Northwest Middle School

Feb 27th - 10:28am

Lisa is a wonderful role model for her students. She gives them all the attention they need and the positive feedback that makes them strive for their best.

Rocky Lambourne- Bonneville Jr. High

Feb 20th - 4:20pm

Nobody has cared about me more than Rocky Lambourne. I’m talking about a guy who could have let me fall through the cracks 22 years ago, but he didn’t.

Rupali Munot- Oakcrest Elementary

Jan 16th - 10:54am

Mrs. Munot was not satisfied with just getting Korbin through the year. She wanted him to succeed and spent a considerable amount of time working with us as his parents, Korbin's counselor, and the school's administrative staff to make sure Korbin excelled in her class.