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Recent snow storms have positive and negative consequences for farmers

By PaulNelson at 02/21/2018 6:12 pm         
As northern Utah is thawing out from this week's storms, weather watchers and farmers are preparing for more snow that is already on its way.

Passionate pleas to eliminate/keep death penalty

By kslcleon at 02/21/2018 5:59 pm         
Utah's House of Representatives will now discuss a bill that could abolish the death penalty in the state.  But before a committee forwarded the legislation on to the full House today, family members of murder victims testified why they think the death sentence should go or stay. (Photo: Kristin Murphy/Deseret News)

Utah's Evangelicals honor "America's Pastor" Billy Graham

By PaulNelson at 02/21/2018 1:53 pm         
The Evangelical community in Utah is looking back fondly on the life of a man who they say inspired millions of people all over the world. Billy Graham, the man known as “America’s Pastor” is dead at the age of 99. (Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Neil Redmond 2010)

Gen Xers are worried about retirement.

By KSLRikki at 02/21/2018 1:52 pm         
Many Americans are concerned about being able to financially retire comfortably. Now, the latest group to have those fears is Gen X-ers.

Legislative panel approves rules for self-driving cars

By kslpetersamore at 02/21/2018 12:23 pm         
A state legislative panel excitedly approved regulations for five levels of autonomous cars, but they admit they have some bugs to work out. More on HB-371:

BYU listing campus resources for sexual assault victims and survivors

By kslmrichards at 02/21/2018 11:54 am         
The Brigham Young University Instagram account outlined what people should do.

West Valley appoints its first full-time female police chief

By kslpetersamore at 02/21/2018 7:32 am         
West Valley went with an insider when hiring its new police chief, who happens to be Utah’s only woman in that post. More on the story:

President urges ban on bump stocks for guns

By kslpetersamore at 02/21/2018 7:31 am         
His proposal brings mixed reaction from Utahns about effectiveness in stopping mass shootings. More on the story:

Judge: Man accused of assisting teen's suicide is competent

By kslmrichards at 02/21/2018 6:55 am         
A Spanish Fork man accused of murder after investigators say he helped a teenager take her own life is competent to proceed to trial, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Utah company offering free concealed carry class for teachers, faculty

By kslmrichards at 02/21/2018 6:53 am is offering a free concealed carry class and free permits to teachers, staff, administration, and students over age 18.