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Deadly explosion in Slovakia; building at risk of collapse

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 6:49am

A gas explosion in an apartment building in eastern Slovakia killed at least five people Friday. Firefighters said other people are trapped on the roof as the building burns and is in danger of collapse.

Gas explosion in apartment block in Slovakia kills at least 5; people trapped on roof as building burns.

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 6:45am

Gas explosion in apartment block in Slovakia kills at least 5; people trapped on roof as building burns.

Abandoned baby giraffe befriended by dog in Africa dies

Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 6:35am

A baby giraffe that was befriended by a dog after it was abandoned in the wild has died, a South African animal orphanage said Friday. “Our team is heartbroken,” the orphanage said.

Johnson under pressure ahead of final UK election TV debate

Jill Lawless, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 5:11am

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to take on opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the last head-to-head debate before a general election in six days — and facing allegations that he’s shirking tough questions about his character and record.

Germany: 'No understanding' for Russia outrage on expulsions

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 4:59am

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff is urging Russia to support the investigation of a killing prosecutors say appears to have ordered by Russian or Chechen authorities, and says he has “no understanding" for outraged reactions from Moscow.

China places new restrictions on American diplomats

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 3:40am

China said Friday it will now require U.S. diplomats to give five days' notice before holding meetings with Chinese officials and academics in retaliation for a similar restriction by Washington.

France on strike: Trains stuck, Versailles shut, unions firm

Angela Charlton and Mstyslav Chernov, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 2:17am

Frustrated travelers are meeting transportation chaos around France for a second day on Friday, as unions dig in for what they hope is a protracted strike against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to redesign the national retirement system.

6-story building collapses in Nairobi; at least 2 killed

Tom Odula, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 1:57am

A six-story residential building collapsed in Kenya's capital on Friday, officials said, with at least two people killed and others trapped in the debris. The scene was all too familiar in a city where an audit once found more than half of buildings unsafe for habitation.

6-story building collapses in Kenya’s capital, with people feared trapped in the rubble

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 1:56am

6-story building collapses in Kenya’s capital, with people feared trapped in the rubble.

Independence not on ballot, but on voters’ minds in Scotland

Renee Graham and Gregory Katz, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 1:22am

Ask voters in this picturesque university town in eastern Scotland how they're voting in next week's election, and they’re likely to transition seamlessly from talking about which candidate they want to send to Parliament to discussing whether or not they want another bite at voting for Scottish independence, which voters rejected in 2014.

Clamor as Greta Thunberg joins climate activists in Madrid

Aritz Parra and Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 1:08am

Climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in Madrid on Friday to join thousands of other young people in a march to demand world leaders take real action against climate change.

Hong Kong police sound alarm over homemade explosives

John Leicester, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 6th - 1:04am

Hong Kong's much-maligned police force provided a rare behind-the-scenes look Friday at its bomb disposal squad to show the potentially deadly destructive force of homemade explosives seized during months of protests that have shaken the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Here is the latest news from The Associated Press at 8:40 a.m. EST

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 10:40pm

Hiring jumped last month to the highest level since January as U.S. employers ignored global trade tensions and added 266,000 jobs. The Labor Department says the unemployment rate declined to 3.5% from 3.6% in October, matching a half-century low.

TB, armed guards, lack of food at UN migrant center in Libya

Lori Hinnant and Maggie Michael, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 10:28pm

The United Nations center in Libya was opened as an “alternative to detention,” a last, safe stop for migrants before they were resettled in other countries. Now, just a year later, it looks increasingly like the notorious Libyan lockups it was supposed to replace.

Indian police fatally shoot 4 suspects in gang-rape case

Mahesh Kumar and Emily Schmall, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 9:55pm

Police on Friday fatally shot four men being held on suspicion of raping and killing a woman in southern India after investigators took them to the crime scene, drawing both praise and condemnation in a case that has sparked protests across the country.

Indian police official says four men accused of raping and killing woman in high-profile case have been killed by police

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 9:46pm

Indian police official says four men accused of raping and killing woman in high-profile case have been killed by police.

Iran accuses France, Germany and UK of false missile claims

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 2:31pm

Iran accused France, Germany and the United Kingdom on Thursday of “a desperate falsehood” for saying its missile program goes against a U.N. resolution calling on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

Palestinians outraged over ICC report into war crimes

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 1:53pm

Palestinian officials are expressing “great concern” over a report by the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor that includes a warning that Palestinian stipends to attackers and their families could constitute a war crime.

Mexico president hosts US AG behind closed doors in capital

The Associated Press  |  Posted Dec 5th - 1:35pm

Mexico’s president and the U.S. attorney general met behind closed doors Thursday, about a week after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested his government could classify Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.