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Authorities in Nigeria's Kaduna state say at least 66 have been killed just before the country's presidential election

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 11:22am

Authorities in Nigeria's Kaduna state say at least 66 have been killed just before the country's presidential election.

New UN Syria envoy sees opportunity in constitution process

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 10:38am

The new U.N. envoy for Syria said Friday that the long-delayed formation of a committee to draft a new constitution for Syria is "a potential door-opener for the political process" and he hopes to see it meet in Geneva "as soon as possible."

North Macedonia probes cause of bus crash that killed 14

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 9:42am

Ten victims from a bus crash that killed 14 people in North Macedonia have been buried in the western city of Gostivar, as authorities are still trying to determine the causes of the accident.

Spain launches new push to exhume dictator Franco's remains

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 9:36am

Spanish authorities are giving Gen. Francisco Franco's descendants a 15-day deadline to find a new burial place for the former dictator before his remains are exhumed from a lavish mausoleum.

The Latest: US announces sanctions against Maduro officials

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 9:10am

The latest on the political crisis in Venezuela (all times local):

Leaked State Department email: US military aircraft to start delivering 250 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela border

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 9:05am

Leaked State Department email: US military aircraft to start delivering 250 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela border.

Netanyahu misquoted on Holocaust in Poland, his office says

Vanessa Gera, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 8:36am

The Israeli government said Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was misquoted by a newspaper on the extremely sensitive issue of Polish behavior during the Holocaust, seeking to defuse a diplomatic crisis.

Israeli leader's trip to Poland beset by string of missteps

Aron Heller, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 8:32am

A two-day security conference in Warsaw was supposed to be a crowning achievement for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stamping a seal on his long-held goal of pushing his behind-the-scenes ties with Arab leaders into the open. Instead, the publicity-seeking Israeli leader made one embarrassing misstep after another, distracting attention from his main mission and sending his aides into a nonstop cycle of damage control.

US military aircraft to deliver more aid to Venezuela border

Joshua Goodman and Scott Smith, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 8:29am

The Trump administration is sending another large shipment of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan border in Colombia, for the first time using U.S. military aircraft as it increases pressure on Nicolas Maduro to give up power, according to a State Department email sent to Congress.

France's Le Pen boasts far-right power for EU elections

Elaine Ganley, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 7:44am

Where once she felt isolated, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen feels she is now part of a crowd of populist parties on the rise around Europe that she thinks can make new inroads in European elections less than 100 days away — and start restructuring the EU from within.

UN and Syrian Red Crescent deliver aid to isolated camp

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 7:19am

The U.N. and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have delivered badly-needed humanitarian assistance to more than 40,000 displaced people in a tent settlement near the Jordanian border, the U.N. said Friday, as Russia offered to help relocate those willing to move to government-held areas in Syria.

Thai party challenging army rule holds first Bangkok rally

Kaweewit Kaewjinda and Tassanee Vejpongsa, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 6:52am

The political party seen as the main challenger to military-dominated government in Thailand held its first rally in the capital on Friday, as campaigning heats up for the first election since a 2014 military coup.

Italian police nab mobster from clan tied to German massacre

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 6:35am

Italian police say they have nabbed a fugitive kingpin cocaine dealer who hails from a feuding crime clan involved in the 2007 trattoria massacre in Germany.

Push on last IS enclave blunted by discovery of civilians

Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 6:08am

The offensive on the last enclave held by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria has been blunted by the discovery of hundreds of civilians still living there, a commander with the Kurdish-led force fighting the extremists said Friday.

Sweden FM says she's upset by ambassador to China case

The Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 5:49am

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom says she is "very upset" over meetings arranged by the country's ambassador to China between the daughter of a detained Swedish publisher and two businessmen who allegedly threatened the woman.

US: Time to expand the international coalition against IS

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 5:20am

The top Pentagon official said Friday he foresees a "bigger and stronger" American-led international coalition combatting the Islamic State group globally as the U.S. withdraws its troops from Syria.

Sexual violence rampant in South Sudan's Unity area, says UN

Sam Mednick, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 4:57am

Brutal sexual violence committed with "pervasive impunity" and a level of "premeditation" persists in South Sudan's northern region, the United Nations said on Friday.

US Vice President Mike Pence makes his first Auschwitz visit

Vanessa Gera, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 4:29am

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visited the memorial site of Auschwitz on Friday along with the Polish president and Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, viewing a train car, crematoriums and the hair of victims that make it such a powerful testament to the evil that befell Europe in the last century.

Hackers flock to hunt for cracks in Swiss e-voting system

Jamey Keaten, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 15th - 4:28am

Swiss authorities are trumpeting the fact that more than 2,000 would-be hackers from around the world have taken up an invitation to try to find holes in Switzerland's groundbreaking online voting system — and potentially earn tens of thousands of francs (dollars) if they succeed.