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Mother convicted in UK of forcing teen daughter to marry

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 11:27am

A British jury convicted a woman Tuesday of forcing her teenage daughter to marry a man 16 years her senior in Pakistan, capping a rare criminal prosecution in England for forced marriage.

Russian sub test-fires 4 intercontinental missiles in salvo

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 11:22am

The Russian navy says one of its nuclear-powered submarines has successfully test-fired four intercontinental ballistic missiles in unison.

Cuba's new leader breaks from past with public appearances

Andrea Rodriguez and Michael Weissenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 10:36am

For half a century Fidel Castro seemed to be everywhere in Cuba — inspecting factories, farms and offices, expounding to the press and zooming to the scenes of natural disasters to direct the minutest details of the response.

Foreign media arrive for North Korea nuke site closing

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 10:30am

A small group of foreign journalists arrived in North Korea on Tuesday to cover the dismantling of the country's nuclear test site later this week, but without South Korean media initially also scheduled to participate.

The Latest: International court prosecutor won't be rushed

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 10:08am

The Latest on the Palestinians' complaint against Israel before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands (all times local):

Ariana Grande sends love to fans on Manchester anniversary

Jill Lawless, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:58am

Ariana Grande shared a message of hope with fans Tuesday as dignitaries, survivors, first responders and the people of Manchester gathered to mark the anniversary of the concert bombing that killed 22 people.

Poland breaks with EU, voices empathy with US stance on Iran

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:58am

Polish leaders are planning to defend the U.S. government's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal within the European Union, where the decision has been strongly criticized.

Officials say suicide car bomber kills 2 in Libya's east

Rami Musa, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:56am

Libyan officials say a suicide car bomber has killed at least two security personnel at a checkpoint south of the northeastern town of Ajdabiya.

4 killed in shootout with extremists in Burkina Faso capital

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:49am

A Burkina Faso official says three extremists and one member of the security forces have been killed during an effort to dismantle an Islamic extremist group's operation in the outskirts of the capital.

5-Star Movement defends premier candidate's resume

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:46am

Italy's 5-Star Movement is defending Giuseppe Conte, tapped to become the country's next premier, against reports accusing him of overstating his affiliations with elite international universities in his resume.

Congo announces 6 new confirmed cases of Ebola virus

Saleh Mwanamilongo and Carley Petesch, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:24am

Congo's health ministry announced six new confirmed Ebola cases and two new suspected cases Tuesday as vaccinations entered a second day in an effort to contain the deadly virus in a city of more than 1 million.

Palestinian plea to ICC could speed up war crime probe

Josef Federman, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 9:18am

The Palestinians on Tuesday asked the International Criminal Court to open an immediate investigation into Israeli practices in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip — setting off a process that they hope will culminate with war crimes accusations against Israeli leaders.

Former Macedonian official jailed over police car purchase

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 8:53am

A Macedonian court has convicted a former senior interior ministry official of abuse of office and sentenced him to nine years in prison over a police patrol car procurement deal.

Palestinians want international court to investigate Israel

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 8:24am

Calling it a "historic step" toward justice, the Palestinian foreign minister asked the International Criminal Court on Tuesday to open an "immediate investigation" into alleged Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

Duterte to drug suspects: Want to live longer? Stay in jail

Jim Gomez, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 8:14am

The Philippine president told drug suspects in a central province Tuesday to look for a way to get arrested and then stay in jail if they want to live longer, in his latest threat in his bloody anti-drug crackdown.

Arrested Saudi activists held incommunicado since last week

Aya Batrawy, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 8:14am

Saudi Arabia is holding and interrogating at least 10 women's rights activists — seven women and three men — without any access to lawyers, according to people familiar with the arrests. The detentions are seen as a culmination of a steady crackdown on perceived critics of the government.

AP PHOTOS: Thousands join Hong Kong bun-snatching festival

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 7:48am

Thousands of local residents and tourists flocked to an outlying island in Hong Kong on Tuesday to celebrate a local bun festival despite recording-breaking heat.

Afghan forces accidentally detonate explosives, killing 16

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 6:48am

At least 16 people were killed Tuesday when Afghan security forces tried to dispose of a container full of explosives found in the southern city of Kandahar, officials said.

Dying Indian nurse: "Take care of our children"

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 22nd - 6:34am

The nurse, with two young children and a husband working overseas, scrawled the words in blue pen as she lay dying in an Indian hospital isolation ward, sick with a rare and deadly virus.