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Mexico court upholds ruling against presidential candidate

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 8:27pm

Mexico's federal Electoral Tribunal has upheld a finding of campaign irregularities by independent presidential candidate Jaime Rodriguez.

Trudeau: Canada to legalize marijuana on Oct. 17

Rob Gillies, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 7:50pm

Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada starting Oct. 17 in a move that should take market share away from organized crime and protect the country's youth, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.

North Korean side of DMZ sounds quieter now, even peaceful

Eric Talmadge, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 6:44pm

Lt. Col. Hwang Myong Jin has been a guide on the northern side of the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas for five years. He says it's gotten quieter here since the summits between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the presidents of South Korea and the United States, in perhaps the last place on Earth where the Cold War still burns hot.

International groups invited to document Nicaragua violence

Luis Manuel Galeano, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 5:34pm

International organizations said Wednesday they have received the go-ahead to travel to Nicaragua to investigate violence that has killed more than 170 people, apparently solving an impasse that halted talks on resolving the nation's political crisis.

ICC prosecutor says UN fails to promote justice in Sudan

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 5:29pm

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court accused the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday of failing to take action against countries that didn't arrest Sudan's president to face charges of genocide in his country's Darfur region.

The Latest: UN awaiting formal US notice on quitting council

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 4:46pm

The latest on the U.S. decision to pull out of the United Nations' Human Rights Council (all times local):

Sexual abuses rampant in UAE-controlled prisons in Yemen

Maggie Michael, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 4:02pm

The torturers followed a schedule.

Detainees held without charges decry Emiratis' sexual abuses

Maggie Michael, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:58pm

The 15 officers who arrived at the prison in southern Yemen hid their faces behind headdresses, but their accents were clearly foreign — from the United Arab Emirates. They lined up the detainees and ordered them to undress and lie down. The officers then searched the anal cavity of each prisoner, claiming that they were looking for contraband cellphones.

EU countries prepare mini-summit as migration row festers

Lorne Cook, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:34pm

Leaders from a group of European Union countries, led by Germany and France, will meet Sunday to thrash out possible solutions to a divisive row over migrants.

South Sudan's warring leaders meet for 1st time since 2016

Elias Meseret, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:24pm

South Sudan's warring leaders met face-to-face for the first time in almost two years Wednesday amid efforts to end a five-year civil war, shaking hands but making no public comments.

Top Brazil court acquits head of Workers' Party of graft

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:48pm

Justices on Brazil's highest court acquitted the Workers' Party president of corruption and money-laundering charges in a case stemming from the country's mammoth graft investigation.

Thousands protest Romania diluting fight against corruption

Alison Mutler, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 2:42pm

Anti-government protesters in Romania who are angry about new legislation they say will facilitate high-level corruption briefly scuffled Wednesday with police, who detained a German journalist.

Putin and UN leader Guterres show mutual respect in Moscow

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 1:27pm

The United Nations' secretary-general has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he regards Russia as "an irreplaceable element" in international diplomacy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says marijuana will be legal nationwide on October 17

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 1:04pm

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says marijuana will be legal nationwide on October 17.

Eritrea sending delegation to rival Ethiopia for peace talks

Elias Meseret, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 12:38pm

Eritrea's president announced Wednesday he is sending a rare delegation to neighboring Ethiopia for peace talks, days after Ethiopia's new prime minister took a major step toward calming deadly tensions with its decades-long rival.

Italy, Austria signal new hard-line axis on migration

Colleen Barry, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 12:14pm

A meeting of Italy's anti-migrant interior minister with like-minded Austrian populist leaders on Wednesday in Rome heralded a new hard-line axis forming in Europe on migration issues with pledges to more firmly protect Europe's southern border.

Cameroon: 84 soldiers, police killed in separatist clashes

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 11:55am

Cameroon's prime minister says 84 soldiers and police have been killed during months of fighting with separatists who seek an English-language state.

Laws to deter asylum-seekers, aid workers passed in Hungary

Pablo Gorondi, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 11:40am

Hungarian lawmakers voted to tighten the country's asylum eligibility rules and threatened Wednesday to incarcerate people who help asylum-seekers, votes that coincided with a United Nations' observance dedicated to refugees.

Yemeni forces claim progress in battle for Hodeida's airport

Ahmed Al-Haj, Associated Press  |  Posted Jun 20th - 11:22am

Yemeni fighters backed by the United Arab Emirates said they seized the southern runway of the international airport near Yemen's port city of Hodeida, as fighting raged Wednesday between pro-government forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition and Iranian-backed rebels.