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Ukrainian lawmaker stripped of immunity on coup charges

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:30am

The Ukrainian parliament has stripped a former military pilot who became a national icon after spending time in a Russian jail of her immunity as a lawmaker on charges of plotting a military coup.

Russia's ambassador to UK says Britain can't be trusted, has history of violating international law

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:25am

Russia's ambassador to UK says Britain can't be trusted, has history of violating international law.

French ex-leader Sarkozy says he is accused without evidence

Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:24am

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reportedly denied all allegations that he accepted millions of euros in illegal campaign funding from the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Police: Man jumps from public gallery in Dutch parliament

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:22am

A debate in the Dutch parliament has been halted after a man jumped from the public gallery into the debating chamber below.

Deadly two-day operation against rebels concludes in Kashmir

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:19am

Government forces have ended a two-day operation against rebels fighting against Indian rule in disputed Kashmir in which 10 combatants died, officials said Thursday.

Philippine police kill 13 drug suspects in daylong raids

Jim Gomez, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:15am

Philippine police said Thursday they killed 13 drug suspects and arrested more than 100 suspected dealers and criminals in one day of raids in a province with a record of bloody crackdowns.

Polish government distances itself from ghetto claim

Vanessa Gera, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 6:08am

Poland's government distanced itself Thursday from comments made by the prime minister's father, who claimed Jews willingly entered ghettos during the German occupation of Poland to get away from their Christian neighbors.

Chinese state media now with more Communist Party propaganda

Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:48am

Chinese state media will be getting more propaganda now that the Communist Party has announced it will be in direct control of broadcasters and the regulators of everything from movies and TV to books and radio programs.

UK's May to seek united stand against Russia at EU summit

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:41am

British Prime Minister Theresa May will urge European Union leaders to unite and condemn Russia as they meet Thursday in Brussels.

Turkey targets Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:36am

Turkey's state-run news agency says Turkish jets have attacked suspected Kurdish rebel camps across the border in northern Iraq, in an operation that reportedly "neutralized" nine militants.

13 holiday hikers rescued from snowy Tokyo mountain

Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:32am

Thirteen holiday hikers, including Chinese citizens, were rescued Thursday after getting trapped overnight by a late-season snowfall on a Tokyo mountain trail.

Hamas clashes with gunmen wanted in Palestinian PM attack

Fares Akram, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:22am

The militant Islamic group Hamas that rules Gaza says its forces are exchanging fire with suspects wanted for a bombing that targeted visiting Palestinian premier's convoy in Gaza.

President appoints new government amid slain reporter crisis

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:20am

Slovakia's president appointed a new government on Thursday to replace the one that resigned amid a political crisis triggered by the slayings of an investigative journalist and his fiancee.

European police break major Nigerian human trafficking ring

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 5:20am

The European Union's law enforcement agency says police have smashed a Nigerian organized crime ring in one of the largest European operations against human trafficking.

Spanish gov't rejects latest plan to elect Catalan leader

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 4:47am

Spain's government has rejected a plan by separatists in Catalonia's regional parliament to elect prominent secessionist politician Jordi Turull as Catalan president.

5 Indian forces, 5 rebels killed in Kashmir fighting

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 4:40am

A fierce gunbattle has killed five Indian government forces and five suspected militants in disputed Kashmir, officials said Wednesday.

Kremlin calls UK official's statement 'disgusting'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 4:40am

The Kremlin has denounced British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's statement comparing the World Cup in Russia to the Olympics hosted by Nazi Germany as "utterly disgusting."

Afghan migrant convicted of killing German medical student

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 4:04am

An Afghan migrant was convicted Thursday of raping and murdering a 19-year-old medical student and sentenced to life in prison in Germany, in a case that fueled a debate about Europe's handling of migration.

Malaysia police deny prejudice against Kim murder suspects

Eileen Ng, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 4:00am

A Malaysian police investigator said Thursday the absence of four North Korean suspects believed to have orchestrated the killing of their leader's half brother didn't cause prejudice against the two women who are on trial.