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Leader of Australia's most populous state quits

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 9:31pm

The leader of Australia's most populous state resigned Thursday after his popularity plummeted over a series of decisions during 2016.

Unending vigil for S. Koreans camped near sex-slave statue

Kim Tong-Hyung, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 8:30pm

Every night they sleep above cold concrete, curled up in sleeping bags on rubber mattresses in a tent made of plastic sheets held together with tape. Their heads are inches away from cars zooming by — and from a bronze statue of a young girl that sits across from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Drug deaths reach record high in British Columbia last year

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 8:12pm

Canada's Pacific coast province of British Columbia reached a new peak of 914 illicit drug overdose deaths last year with the arrival of the deadly opioid fentanyl.

Mexico youth shoots teacher, classmates, then kills himself

Porfirio Ibarra, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 7:31pm

A 15-year-old student opened fire with a gun at a private school in this northern Mexico city Wednesday, hitting a teacher and two other students in the head before killing himself. Another student suffered lesser injuries in the shooting, which was captured on a video posted to social media.

No word from Jammeh as midnight deadline arrives in Gambia

Babacar Dione and Krista Larson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 6:31pm

After more than two decades in power, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh faced the prospect of a military intervention by regional forces, as the man who once pledged to rule the West African nation for a billion years clung to power.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange retreats from extradition pledge

Raphael Satter, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 6:00pm

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange retreated from his pledge to accept extradition to the U.S. if Chelsea Manning was granted clemency, arguing Wednesday via his lawyers that what he was really asking for was an immediate pardon for the ex-Army analyst.

Key players in Iran nuke deal aim message at Trump: It works

Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 5:31pm

The United Nations, the European Union and key players in the Iran nuclear agreement delivered a united message Wednesday aimed at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump: The deal is working and must be maintained to keep Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon.

46 'severely injured' people remain at Nigeria bombing scene

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 5:31pm

At least 46 severely injured people remain in a refugee camp that Nigeria's military says it mistakenly bombed, the International Committee for the Red Cross said Wednesday, raising the possibility that the death toll could significantly rise.

Haiti leader promises IDs for migrants in Dominican Republic

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 4:11pm

Haiti's president-elect is pledging to provide national ID cards to migrants in the neighboring Dominican Republic so they can apply for a legal residency program.

Goldman Prize-winning activist slain in northern Mexico

Peter Orsi, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 4:11pm

A Mexican indigenous leader who was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2005 for his fight against illegal logging has been shot dead, less than a year after another winner of the award was slain in Honduras.

Protests erupt over Romanian govt's plan to pardon thousands

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 3:23pm

Several thousand people marched through the Romanian capital on Wednesday night to protest the government's plan to pardon thousands of prisoners — a surprise move to allegedly reduce overcrowding in prisons that would also benefit some notable government supporters.

Mexico arrests ex-governor sent home after US prison term

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 2:51pm

Mexican prosecutors say a former state governor has been taken into custody by Mexican agents after serving a prison sentence for money laundering in the United States.

South Africans call for abducted photographer's release

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 2:41pm

South Africans have gathered at a community center to call for the release of a South African freelance photographer who was abducted in Syria.

6 civilians killed in rebel strike in Yemen's Taiz

Ahmed Al-Haj, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 2:01pm

Yemeni security officials say a rocket fired by Shiite rebels has killed six civilians in the war-torn city of Taiz.

Death toll in Mali suicide blast rises to at least 60

Yacouba Cisse, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 2:01pm

A suicide bomber in an explosives-laden vehicle penetrated a camp in northern Mali on Wednesday, killing at least 60 people and wounding 115 soldiers and former fighters who are trying to stabilize the region. The attack marked a significant setback for peace efforts.

German vice chancellor condemns populist's Holocaust remarks

Kirsten Grieshaber, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 1:31pm

Germany's vice chancellor on Wednesday harshly condemned remarks by a prominent member of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party, who suggested ending the country's decades-long tradition of acknowledging and atoning for its Nazi past.

AP Explains: The African leader who refuses to leave

Cara Anna, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 12:42pm

The tiny nation of Gambia has West Africa on the brink of a military intervention, and thousands, including cabinet ministers, are fleeing the country. Longtime President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down after losing elections and has declared a state of emergency, and parliament has voted to extend his term by three months. On Thursday, President-elect Adama Barrow intends to go through with his inauguration, with the support of the international community. Here's a look at the crisis.

Officials say school shooter in northern Mexico has died of wounds

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 11:50am

Officials say school shooter in northern Mexico has died of wounds.

Russia, Turkey conduct joint airstrikes on IS in Syria

Vladimir Isachenkov and Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 11:50am

The Russian military said Wednesday it has teamed up with Turkey to conduct joint airstrikes, coordinated with Damascus, against an Islamic State group's stronghold in northern Syria. It is the first acknowledgement of Russian cooperation in support of Turkey's offensive in the area.