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Group plays Chutes & Ladders at Capitol to promote preschool education

01/28/2014 6:53pm
Legislators at the state Capitol on Tuesday found themselves among children hopping, skipping and even rolling on a life-size game of Chutes and Ladders.

Josh Romney: ‘Mitt’ documentary would have changed outcome of election

01/28/2014 7:11pm
America is seeing a new side of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney now that the film "Mitt" has been released on Netflix. Romney's son Josh said if the film had been released before the election, Mitt Romney likely would be president today.

Obama vows to flex presidential powers in speech

01/28/2014 10:32pm
Seeking to energize his sluggish second term, President Barack Obama vowed Tuesday night in his State of the Union address to sidestep Congress "whenever and wherever" necessary to narrow economic disparities between America's rich and poor.

Social media highlights 4 points from State of the Union address

01/28/2014 10:32pm
From "Mad Men" references to Healthcare jokes, social media buzzed during President Obama's fifth State of the Union on Tuesday.

Groups rally for, against same-sex marriage at Utah Capitol

01/28/2014 10:47pm
People for and against same-sex marriage rallied outside the state Capitol Tuesday night.