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Studies show higher speed limits do not increase accidents

09/05/2013 7:05am
A recent article in Time magazine highlighted problems with so-called "speed traps," or stretches of road ways prone to attract speeding tickets.

Amid tensions, Obama, Putin put on a happy face

09/05/2013 10:36am
President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin shook hands, smiled and made small talk about the scenery on Thursday _ a public exchange of pleasantries belying a tense relationship that only seems to be getting worse.

US worker: Leak about Obama's aunt not political

09/05/2013 4:07pm
A Homeland Security Department employee has acknowledged that he disclosed to The Associated Press days before the 2008 election that President Barack Obama's aunt was living in the U.S. illegally and said he did not reveal the information for political reasons.

Posting obscene photos for revenge could prompt legal action

09/05/2013 6:59pm
Does Utah need its own law against "revenge" posting of intimate photos and videos? Some prosecutors and state lawmakers say a discussion is warranted, as California legislators mull a first-of-its- kind measure.

Jeremy Johnson attorneys accuse prosecutors of mistreating witnesses

09/05/2013 7:10pm
A defense attorney in the iWorks criminal case accused federal prosectuors of mistreating witnesses who don't tell them what they want to hear.