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No guarantee governor will allow carrying guns without a permit

03/15/2013 7:41am
Gov. Gary Herbert is hinting that he may veto a bill passed by the legislature that allows Utah residents to carry a gun without a permit.

Radon bill passes Senate, will be put into action

03/15/2013 8:09am
A resolution inspired by a KSL investigation made it through the Senate Thursday evening, the last night of the legislative session, and will soon be put into action.

Sen. Rand Paul: GOP is 'stale and moss covered'

03/15/2013 8:41am
The American Conservative Union kicked off their annual three-day Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, focusing on several issues that conservatives have been criticized for losing grip on in the months since losing the presidential election.

Wyo. governor signs bill allowing lottery games

03/15/2013 9:35am
Wyoming residents can start thinking about their lucky numbers and dreaming about hitting the big one.

New Helper mayor chosen by picking name from a basket

03/15/2013 5:45pm
The city's new mayor was sworn in Friday after winning his seat by luck of the draw. After several votes ended in a tie, city council members resorted to drawing the winner's name from a basket.

Bishop Wester calls on governor to veto controversial gun bill

03/15/2013 10:20pm
The leader of Utah's Catholics, Salt Lake City's mayor and a mother who lost her daughter in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School have all added their voices to those asking Gov. Gary Herbert to veto a controversial gun bill.

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