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Effort to coordinate science, technology, engineering and math stalls in committee

02/21/2013 7:43am
If you want your children to earn more money when they grow up, get them into STEM - science, technology, engineering and math. Now there's a move to make a STEM center in Utah.

Tattoo restrictions for minors, special needs scholarships and bicycle safety

02/21/2013 12:09pm
Halfway through Utah's 2013 Legislative session, committees are passing bills putting restrictions on minors getting tattoos, funding for special needs scholarships and passing bicycles safely.

Opinion: Stop wasting taxpayer money overseas

02/21/2013 1:27pm
Long after our troops have left Afghanistan, our dollars will still be traveling there by the billions. Our soldiers may not be providing the nation's security, but our dollars will most certainly be paying for it.

Bill would require parents be notified of suicide threats, bullying

02/21/2013 6:27pm
Karen Peterson's 13-year-old son Buddy was bullied at school — "terrorized" in her words, on a near-daily basis by a group of male classmates.

Jon Huntsman Jr. urges conservatives to support gay marriage

02/21/2013 11:51pm
Since their November defeat, the Republican Party has been whirling as they attempt to bring in more voters. And a former Utah governor is hoping to change that with his support of marriage equality.