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Unlocking smartphones now illegal in US

01/29/2013 10:12am
Smartphone consumers might have trouble moving from carrier to carrier while trying to keep the same phone, thanks to a recent adjustment to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Sen. Lee: Immigration reform will give 'special benefits to illegal immigrants'

01/29/2013 2:21pm
Leading Democrat and Republican senators announced Monday a bipartisan measure to address immigration reform legislation. The bipartisan measure, however, was opposed by Sen. Mike Lee, who said he does not agree with the plan's path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Hatch: Gov't should not pull gun laws 'out of thin air'

01/29/2013 4:57pm
The Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding the first congressional hearing on gun violence Wednesday since the new proposals sets forth by President Barack Obama.

Utah leaders, residents have conflicting views on immigration debate

01/29/2013 7:49pm
Utah's congressional leaders are working on immigration reform plans of their own to add to the national conversation.

Gag order requested after secret recording of A.G. goes public

01/29/2013 9:15pm
After a taped conversation between St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson and Utah Attorney General John Swallow surfaced publicly, the U.S. Attorney General for Utah is asking a federal judge to issue a gag order on Johnson.