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Cops: Drunk got in police car with officers inside

08/03/2014 11:20am
Pittsburgh police say a drunken woman tried to drive away in an unmarked police car — with two officers still inside.

Police: 2 teens made drug brownies during break-in

08/03/2014 11:30am
Police say two 17-year-old boys have been charged with breaking into a Pennsylvania home and baking drug-laced brownies.

Arizona woman accused of slapping patrol horse

08/03/2014 12:41pm
A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman is being charged after police say she slapped one of their patrol horses.

Owners claim tortoise found strolling in suburb

08/03/2014 7:50pm
A giant tortoise found ambling down a street in suburban Los Angeles has been reunited with its owners.

Body-paint artist blends models into NYC landmarks

08/03/2014 11:40pm
New York City's streets are Trina Merry's studio, and the naked body is her canvas.