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100-year-old German turns tables on trickster

07/08/2014 6:50am
This 100-year-old German woman was too sharp for a would-be trickster.

Police: Men steal $2,000 in soap, hygiene items

07/08/2014 7:21am
Police are trying to figure out why a trio of hygiene-minded thieves walked into a CVS pharmacy in Atlanta's northern suburbs and stole $2,000 in soap and other personal care items.

Red Bull spills onto I-95 in Fla. truck crash

07/08/2014 7:40am
Call it a different kind of energy jolt. Thousands of gallons of Red Bull spilled onto Interstate 95 in central Florida after two tractor-trailers collided.

Ohio man's online potato salad effort takes off

07/08/2014 8:40am
An Ohio man who jokingly sought $10 to pay for his first attempt at making potato salad has raised more than $37,000 from a crowdfunding Internet site.

Photos: Ducklings rescued from storm drain in Riverton neighborhood

07/08/2014 12:08pm
Residents of a Riverton neighborhood heard squawks Monday morning and teamed up to rescue nine ducklings from a storm drain.

Police: Inmate hid in laundry basket to escape

07/08/2014 12:12pm
Authorities say a New Mexico inmate has been captured after he escaped from jail by hiding in a laundry basket.

Rain + mud = messy good time for hundreds of kids

07/08/2014 6:12pm
Mud Day was even muddier than usual this year.

Elephant rescued after 50 years of abuse

07/08/2014 7:01pm
An elephant is rescued in India after being held captive for 50 years while enduring abuse.

Pilot buys pizzas for passengers grounded by storm

07/08/2014 9:00pm
Faced with potentially hungry — and grumpy — passengers, a Frontier Airlines pilot treated them to pizza when storms diverted a Denver-bound flight to Cheyenne, where the plane was stuck for a couple of hours.

2 men hope to set record in Utah for 'World's Fastest Hot Tub'

07/08/2014 9:01pm
Two Canadian men built a mobile hot tub in a 1969 Coupe DeVille Convertible and are hoping to gain the title of the "World's Fastest Hot Tub."