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Bears hunting for honey in eastern Kentucky

06/27/2014 5:51am
Black bears in eastern Kentucky are taking a sweet, sticky cue from Winnie the Pooh in the search for honey.

Maryland woman says pot came with fast-food order

06/27/2014 9:11am
A Frederick, Maryland, woman says she was served a bag of marijuana with her fast-food order at a Sonic drive-in.

New NYC museum explores death, all things morbid

06/27/2014 9:51am
A new museum opening in New York City this weekend promises a fascinating journey into the dark side.

Slimmed-down Oregon police horse collars suspect

06/27/2014 1:51pm
Murphy the horse, once a woebegone Oregon ranch animal, had to shed 200 pounds to make the Portland police force, and now he has collared his first suspect.

GPS tracking for messages in a bottle now available

06/27/2014 2:01pm
A German company is giving people the opportunity to take a step back in time by letting them send GPS-tracked messages in a bottle.

Black bear digs through insulation to get honey

06/27/2014 4:01pm
A black bear in Juneau, Alaska, didn't let a few floorboards keep him from getting at some honey.