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Police: Suspect arrested after leaving shoe behind

06/25/2014 7:41am
Police in South Florida say they arrested a man suspected of stealing weed killer after he left his shoe behind while running away.

Arizona MVD issues permits, IDs with wrong photo

06/25/2014 10:42am
Arizona transportation officials say a new system is to blame for some people getting the wrong picture on their driver's permit.

Sacramento zoo seeks yard waste to feed animals

06/25/2014 11:02am
California's Sacramento Zoo is urging homeowners to think of their tree trimmings and other yard waste as a potential meal for its animals.

Buy a vowel? Couple flown to Grenada, not Granada

06/25/2014 2:21pm
A District of Columbia couple has sued British Airways, saying the airline ruined their vacation by booking them tickets to the Caribbean island of Grenada instead of Granada, Spain.

Bolivia rebels at rightist timepieces, flips clock

06/25/2014 2:21pm
Bolivia's leftist government is turning back the clock. Or, more precisely, turning it backward.

A man, a plan, a log, a chainsaw: bear sculptures

06/25/2014 11:30pm
Rembrandt worked in oils. Michelangelo carved marble. Mark Tyoe chainsaws big tree trunks.