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Massachusetts priest baffled by vestment theft

06/18/2014 7:20am
A Massachusetts priest says he's baffled by a theft from his church in which the only things taken were priestly vestments and other nearly valueless items.

Bear wanders by ballpark, halts baseball game

06/18/2014 1:01pm
A curious bear caused a momentarily delay in an American Legion baseball game this week in Alaska's capital.

Costumed Spider-Man convicted of harassment in NYC

06/18/2014 1:52pm
A costumed Spider-Man was convicted Wednesday of harassing a woman in a Times Square spat that involved him swearing, her hurling snow and him taking a swing at her.

Man cited for warning drivers of police checkpoint

06/18/2014 4:21pm
A suburban Cleveland man says police violated his First Amendment rights to free speech when they cited him for holding a sign warning motorists to turn if they wanted to avoid a drunken-driving checkpoint.

Lineman's family marks 100 years of transcontinental phone line

06/18/2014 6:49pm
There is one telephone pole in Wendover, Nevada, that's unlike any other telephone pole in the country. It marks the spot where the first transcontinental telephone lines were connected.