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Yells for 'Daddy' by school yield surprising find

06/13/2014 10:41am
Police say a Connecticut woman became concerned when she heard someone calling "Daddy" repeatedly near a school. But when she began looking for a child, she instead found a large green parrot up in a tree.

Fire crews burn house teetering on Texas cliff

06/13/2014 4:01pm
Charred debris from a luxury cliff-side home fell 75 feet into a lake below on Friday after fire crews set the $700,000 retreat ablaze rather than wait for it to crumble into the water as the land faltered around it.

Police: 200 sheep dead in Oregon truck crash

06/13/2014 6:31pm
Oregon State Police say about 200 sheep are dead after the rollover crash of a livestock trailer that was hauling more than 300 of the animals.

Full moon coincides with Friday the 13th

06/13/2014 7:18pm
Today the planets and the calendar have aligned to create a very unlucky combination.