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Police: Grave ransacked in search for 'real will'

06/12/2014 9:20am
Three people, including a daughter, are accused of ransacking the grave of a New Hampshire businessman in search of his "real will," only to find a pack of cigarettes in his hand.

Chicago man filling potholes _ artfully

06/12/2014 11:53am
The perfect pothole might not exist for many people — but for mosaic artist Jim Bachor, it's one with a nice oval shape. Bachor began filling those potholes a little more than a year ago, after one in front of his house became a hassle.

Nest of snakes found in Washington sewer pipe

06/12/2014 3:11pm
A nest of live snakes was discovered in a Washington state sewer pipe when a contractor ran a video camera down the line.

NY officer rescues man from fiery crash at gas station

06/12/2014 10:31pm
An off-duty New York police officer is being hailed as a hero after saving another person from a fiery crash at a gas station.