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School: Aide told students pet treats were cookies

06/10/2014 7:39am
A Pennsylvania school district says an aide has been suspended after she tricked students into eating pet snacks by telling them they were cookies.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's an Internet flap

06/10/2014 9:01am
A Thai AirAsia plane hit a bird Tuesday during a flight in Thailand, where the word for bird is "nok," sparking social media confusion over whether the aircraft had collided with a plane from budget carrier Nok Air.

Drivers gathering for Great Nebraska Tractor Ride

06/10/2014 1:01pm
It's amazing, drivers say, what you can see as you buzz along at 15 mph on a tractor over hilly rural roads and narrow county blacktops.

Alaska woman wants daughter's name to be Awesome

06/10/2014 1:12pm
A Juneau, Alaska, woman wants to give her daughter an awesome middle name. Literally.

Iowa hospital chaplain loses beard for food drive

06/10/2014 1:41pm
The chaplain at an Iowa hospital has lost his beard of 32 years after hospital staffers surpassed their food drive goal.

Biplane pilot uses fairway as runway in San Diego

06/10/2014 5:01pm
He was using decades-old equipment on a famously tough course, but he hit the center of the fairway.

Mayor in tiff over tossed bag of dog waste

06/10/2014 5:23pm
The mayor of San Marino, California, admits tossing a bag of dog waste onto a neighborhood resident's property and has apologized, saying he should have disposed of it properly.

Map shows most popular, iconic soda for each state

06/10/2014 8:58pm
Since the first glass of carbonated water was invented in 1767, people around the world have loved soda.