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Spokane sheriff tells deputies, 'no sex on duty'

06/04/2014 8:41am
A Washington state sheriff has sent a memo to deputies telling them that sex on duty will not be tolerated.

Alligator removed from Mississippi pool

06/04/2014 8:41am
A woman opened the door to her back yard in coastal Mississippi to find that a 5-foot alligator had taken up residence in her pool.

Drug smugglers pretend to be federal agency

06/04/2014 10:31am
It looked like a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service truck. But the U.S. Border Patrol says it was actually the latest in a long line of creative attempts by smugglers to get illegal drugs from Mexico into the U.S.

Fake officer accused of pulling over a real one

06/04/2014 10:31am
Police say a man impersonating an officer face charges after signaling a real detective to pull over on a road in Florida.

Cat people have higher IQ, study says

06/04/2014 9:43pm
A new study reveals cat people are smarter than dog people.