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Pit bull ban leads to service dog claims

06/03/2014 8:01am
City officials in Yakima, Washington, say that some pit bull owners are falsely claiming that their dogs are service animal to circumvent a city ban of the breed.

Police: Pennsylvania man took fire truck joyride

06/03/2014 8:31am
A Pennsylvania man has been accused of sneaking into a fire department and taking a woman on a 30-minute joyride in a fire truck.

Puppy drives car into Massachusetts pond

06/03/2014 8:36am
After going for a walk, a German shepherd puppy owned by a Massachusetts man decided to go for a drive — straight into a pond.

Entire wedding party takes the plunge

06/03/2014 9:51am
It wasn't just the bride and groom taking the plunge at this central Minnesota wedding.

Man burns feces behind Seattle police station

06/03/2014 10:52am
The No. 1 thing Seattle police officers noticed Sunday at the East Precinct station was a fire in the alley. The next thing was No. 2.

German museum shows live replica of van Gogh's ear

06/03/2014 12:30pm
A German museum has put on display a copy of Vincent van Gogh's ear that was grown using genetic material provided by one of the 19th-century Dutch artist's living relatives.

Merkel fails to help friend on TV quiz show

06/03/2014 12:41pm
A German politician hoping for help from Angela Merkel during a television quiz show was left disappointed when the chancellor failed to take his call.

Vandalized Santa Fe burro gets new tail

06/03/2014 1:51pm
A new tail is going on the donkey.

Bear wanders into cabin, surprising man

06/03/2014 7:50pm
A 150-pound black bear cub wandered into a cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon Monday, officials said.

Healthy chocolate curbs sugar cravings

06/03/2014 8:57pm
Sterling Jones' mother was going through chemotherapy when she started getting cravings for chocolate. She and her family were trying to eat healthy, but she couldn't shake the craving. Then the answer came from an unlikely source: chocolate