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41 charged in insurance scam involving dead deer

05/29/2014 7:30am
Forty-one people in Philadelphia are facing charges in what prosecutors call an elaborate insurance fraud scheme that used dead deer to fake car accidents.

School releases diplomas withheld over cap-tossing

05/29/2014 9:41am
Administrators at a suburban Chicago high school have had a change of heart after withholding diplomas from an entire class because some students defied instructions not to toss their caps in the air at graduation.

In Alabama, theft of urinal items stumps officials

05/29/2014 9:41am
Officials in Alabama say they're investigating a series of thefts involving metal urinal components from restaurant bathrooms.

Vandal of New York cemetery's flags is groundhog

05/29/2014 10:00am
A sheriff's deputy investigating reports of vandalized flags at an upstate New York cemetery has caught the culprit in the act.

'The Weed Fairy' visits Seattle, gives out pot

05/29/2014 2:01pm
A woman who calls herself the "Weed Fairy" distributed free nuggets of marijuana to people in Seattle over Memorial Day weekend, taping the free pot on fliers around a city neighborhood.

@hiddencash effort pops up in Boulder

05/29/2014 5:00pm
Someone is hiding envelopes containing cash in Boulder, Colorado, too.

Heavy rescue efforts save a tiny kitten

05/29/2014 8:17pm
Firefighters in Farmington use heavy rescue gear to save a small kitten trapped beneath a large cargo container.

West Bountiful boat completed after 14 years

05/29/2014 10:40pm
A West Bountiful cabinetmaker set out to build an 18,000-pound boat from scratch in his backyard and recently finished his project after 14 years of building.