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Bees created unwanted buzz at Kentucky store

05/20/2014 7:20am
After setting things abuzz by trapping customers in a store, a hive of honeybees has been safely removed from downtown Danville in central Kentucky.

California city says surf but no turf for goats

05/20/2014 2:31pm
Pismo Beach is on board with surfing goats. But grazing goats can be a bummer.

NC looks to stop 'booger' and 'snot' graffiti

05/20/2014 2:41pm
It will take more than tissues for police in a North Carolina town to take care of the mildly offending graffiti being spray-painted on businesses and signs.

City clerk resigns with colorful email

05/20/2014 7:11pm
A Northern California city official has resigned from her post as city clerk in a scathing email accusing city council members of "misogynistic jokes" and "pathetic pandering" and sarcastically wishing them the best of luck finding "some schmuck" to take her place.