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Massachusetts home intruder turns out to be a duck

04/07/2014 7:11am
Police in Massachusetts responding to reports of an intruder in a woman's home quickly quacked the case.

5 questions you've always wanted answered

04/07/2014 11:12am
Here's five more questions you've always wanted answered: Facts, trivia, and random information to kill five minutes of your workday. This week's edition includes why we hide eggs at Easter and what causes deja vu.

Woman complains to police about marijuana quality

04/07/2014 1:11pm
Police in East Texas have arrested a woman after she called them to complain about the quality of the marijuana she had purchased from a dealer.

Volcanic island eats another off Japan

04/07/2014 4:46pm
NASA's Earth Observatory reports that Niijima island, a volcano which broke through the ocean's surface last November, has now merged with a nearby island that formed from a volcano which last erupted 40 years ago.

Police probe Smart car vandalism in San Francisco

04/07/2014 6:20pm
Four Smart cars were flipped over in an apparent vandalism spree Monday in two San Francisco neighborhoods.