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Bag of pot found in pants donated to Pa. charity

02/21/2014 7:38am
An act of charity may end badly for one donor to a Pennsylvania Salvation Army outlet.

Spectacular beach art gets destroyed at high tide

02/21/2014 9:52am
Not many people can combine a dream vacation with their place of work. But not many people "work" by drawing pictures in the sand on the beach.

Case dropped against SC woman jailed over video

02/21/2014 11:43am
The owner of a now-closed video store in South Carolina has decided to drop charges against a woman accused of failing to return a movie nearly a decade ago.

Cleanup crew returns discarded Ohio birthday card

02/21/2014 2:11pm
A birthday card containing a $50 bill is back with the intended recipient thanks to northern Ohio sanitation workers who spotted the unopened purple envelope in the trash and drove it to the home where it was mistakenly discarded.