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Wanted man arrested after falling through ceiling

01/24/2014 7:04am
A man wanted by Colorado authorities is in custody after he fell through a ceiling while being chased by police and took refuge in a bathroom.

Washington blow dart suspect: 'I'm a moron'

01/24/2014 7:54am
A man accused of shooting a woman and man with a blow dart in two separate attacks in Washington state has made his first court appearance on assault charges.

$22,000 worth of eggs stolen in Puerto Rico

01/24/2014 10:26am
A thief in Puerto Rico has gotten away with the makings for one giant omelette.

Oreo announces 2 limited-edition flavors

01/24/2014 9:11pm
Oreo tweeted on Thursday that two limited- edition flavors will hit grocery store shelves on Feb. 3. Let the countdown begin.