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Police: Pa. man stole sanitizer to make cocktails

01/10/2014 7:18am
Authorities say a man stole 12 bottles of hand sanitizer from a central Pennsylvania hospital so he could mix it with orange juice and drink it for the alcohol it contained.

Report: New Mexico dog positive for cocaine, pot

01/10/2014 8:29am
A New Mexico woman whose dog tested positive for cocaine and marijuana is fighting to get the canine back after surrendering the Labrador retriever because of a $2,000 vet bill.

Video: Fleeing driver jumps into Ore.'s Sandy River

01/10/2014 10:21am
Police will tell you the "jump in the river" escape hardly ever works — and that proved true for a young woman driving a stolen car in the east Portland suburb of Troutdale.

Mayor gets piece of NYC's mind on pizza etiquette

01/10/2014 4:11pm
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio got his pizza with smoked mozzarella, sausage and a dash of scandal.

Mile marker 420 becomes 419.99 to thwart thieves

01/10/2014 4:57pm
Colorado officials think a difference of one-hundredth of a mile will be enough to stop thieves from stealing the mile marker 420 sign along Interstate 70.

RI woman finds wrong body in her mother's casket

01/10/2014 6:16pm
A woman wants answers after discovering the wrong body in a casket that should have contained her mother, who died unexpectedly while on vacation in St. Maarten.

Thief crashes into store, steals single banana

01/10/2014 7:52pm
A determined burglar in Connecticut repeatedly backed his station wagon through the door of a closed convenience store so he he could get in and steal a banana.